How to Pick the Perfect Video Game


Start here Do you want to avoid using your brain much?

Unreal How are your reflexes? Yes No Maximum creativity?

Are you on drugs? Average Do you want to point and click click click click click click...? Yes World of Warcraft No Yes

Yes No No Do you plan on playing for the next week straight? Yes Minecraft

Rez Do you want to feel like you are? Do you want the hardest game ever? No Diablo II Do you want to solve some puzzles? No

Geometry Wars 2 Yes No No Devil May Cry 3 Yes

Rock Band 3 Superb How's your timing? Super Monkey Ball Kick it oldschool? No Do you feel the need for a storyline as well?

Yes You want to rock out? Average Tetris Yes No Yes

Ikaruga No Are 2 buttons too many for you? Lumines Electronic Symphony Are you an Edward Gorey fan?

Ms. Pac-Man Yes No Super Punch-Out!! Limbo Yes No

Braid Indi Do you want shiny textures or indi magic? No Looking for crazy Japanese awesomeness?

Yes Button mashable? Portal 2 Shiny Katamari Damacy Yes

Does realistic violence upset you? No Yes Do you have multiple local players? No Do you enjoy simulations?

Yes No No Yes Do you want to be in charge of a life or an entire city?

Do you like big-ass weapons? Do you own any official team jerseys?

Super Smash Bros. Melee The Sims 3 Life City

Soul Caliber II Yes No Yes No Do you want to lose yourself in another world? Sim City 2000

Mortal Kombat Deception Yes Do you want to tear out your opponent's spine? EA Sports Yes No

Mario Kart 64 Shells Super Street Fighter IV No Does the sound of squealing tires excite you? Do you yearn to level up your character?

Super speed or turtle shells? No Should racing games be based in reality? Yes No Yes No

Speed Burnout Paradise Yes No Do you think professional wrestling is stupid? Do you fancy yourself a tactician?

F-Zero GX Yes You want to be a badass? WWF No Mercy Yes

Rally Rally or Track? No Skate Skate or die putt? No Yes Advance Wars Mobile or console?

Sega Rally Track Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Hot Shots Golf Putt Final Fantasy Tactics Mobile Console

Gran Turismo 3

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic No Are you cool without getting to use a lightsaber? USA Do you want a game made in Japan or America? Do you like to be terrified?

Fallout 2 Yes Do you want some large-scale army battles? Japan Yes No

Are you capable of making fun of yourself? No Looking for real-time battles? No Yes Suikoden II Is adventure enough for you or are you an action junky?

Yes No Secret of Mana Yes Resident Evil 4 Yes Want to collect weapons but are too afraid to use any ammo? Clean Junky

EarthBound Do you have a serious dragon fetish? Chrono Trigger Yes Do you want to be confused and horrified the entire time? No Yes Want some of the best acting and plot ever put into a game?

Dragon Quest VIII Yes No Care to play possibly the greatest game of all time? No Yes Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers No

Final Fantasy VI ABS Active Battle System or Conditional Turn-based battle? No Bioshock Silent Hill 2 More More childish, or less?

Final Fantasy X CBT Day of the Tentacle Absurd How far-fetched do you want to get? Less

Oldschool or Newschool? Link! Link? The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Regular Grim Fandango

New Old The Legend of Zelda Nope Male You want a female or male main character? No Do you want a little roleplaying with your action?

Do you like gaming with a Wiimote? No You want a beautifully crafted Japanese story? Beyond Good & Evil Female Yes

Yes The Legend of Zelda Windwaker No Yes Aliens Alien conspiracy or lost relics? Do you have a fetish for Disney characters? Yes

Zelda Twilight Princess Open world? Do you lean more towards the art or story? Relics No Kingdom Hearts II

Do you want stealth to be rewarded? Closed Open Art Story Tomb Raider Anniversary What about outer-space? Yes

No Yes Assassin's Creed II Okami ICO No Mass Effect 2

Keep things simple? Assassin Do you want to be an assassin, criminal or cowboy? Criminal Yes Feel like throwing in some first person shooting?

Red Dead Redemption Cowboy Grand Theft Auto IV Deus Ex Human Revolution Yes How about some platforming?

Castle Crashers Are you Batman? Or do you want to be? No Metal Gear Solid 3 Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Do you want to kill gods (or things decidedly godlike)? Yes Batman Arkham City The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim No

No Yes Do you enjoy brutal gratuitous carnage? Yes God of War Face Would you rather jump to platforms or shoot someone in the face?

Do you want to run on walls or keep it a little more grounded? Ground No Shadow of the Colossus 3rd First or third person view? Platform Do you want to shoot people while jumping platforms?

Walls Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Half-Life 2 Mouse Gears of War 2 1st Yes No

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Doom II Keys Keyboard only or do you want to use a mouse as well? Yes Are you looking for a single player game? More run-and-gun, less platforming?

Team Fortress 2 Yes Counter-Strike Yes Do you like games without a re-spawn? No Yes No

No Heavy reliance on team-play and strategy? No Ridiculous non-stop action, rocket jumps, laser guns, etc.? No Contra III The Alien Wars Add some adventure to your action/platformer?

Do you like being called a n00b by 8 year olds? Yes Halo 3 Yes Quake III Arena Super Metroid Yes No

No Zombies? Left 4 Dead 2 Mega Man 2

No Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Do you want the controls kept as simple as possible? Yes Do you have an affection for Italian plumbers?

Super Mario Bros. 3 Yes No No

Super Mario 64 No Super Mario World 2D

Do you want some 2D throwback levels in the mix? 3D Keep it 2D or break into a third dimension? Do you yearn for 1980's cartoons?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yes Donkey Kong Country Yes Do you actually enjoy under-water levels? No Yes

Super Meat Boy [Ultra Edition] Yes Want to keep it indi? No Duck Tales

Psychonauts No

How to Pick the Perfect Video Game

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