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The History of Video Gaming Consoles 1972 - 2014

THE HISTORY OF CAMING CONSOLES THE EVOLUTION OF CONSOLE GAMING HARDWARE 1972 - 2014 1972 Pong Pong was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari) and was created when Allan Alcorn developed Pong as a training exerciseassigned to him the co-founderNolan Bushnell Magnavox Odyssey The Magnavox Oddyssey was the first ever video game console to be released making its debut appearance in 1972, operating with no cpu and having very similar games GDYSSEY 1976 Second Generation Consoles In 1976 , Fairchild released the Fairchild Video entertainment system. They used cartridges just like first generation modals except instead of relying on 'switches', the cartridges stored all the information. 1979 Atari 400 & 800 1979 Saw the release of the Atari 400 & 800 consoles and later the remake of space invaders in 1980s which revived the dying video game market. 1983 Nintendo NES While 1983 did see a market crash, it was short lived with Nintedo releasing the Famicom, which when it was later released in North Amercica in 1985 the re-named it to NES. Nintendo 1985 SEGA Sega Master System Intended to complete with the NES, The Sega Master system never gained enough market traction despite doing better in PAL regions as they could not defeat Japan 1988 Sega Mega Drive Sega adapted their Sega System 16 technology used to power arcade hits into the Sega Mega Drive giving us a console that rivalled Nintendo and gave us mainstream Sonic 1990 Nintendo SNES Nintedo released their SNES console 2 years 2 late leaving Sega to sell millions of consoles across the globe and become a household name (and memory), what makes it worse is they released it the same year Sonic the Hedgehog was released . 1994 The Pinnacle of Gaming The year gaming as we know it was born with the release of the Sony PS1 and Sega Saturn in Japan. Despite Segas enormous success in earlier years with the Sega Mega Drive, Sony dominated an entire generation and setting an astonishing achievement. The first video game console to sell over 100 million units. 1996 Nintendo N64 While it didn't deliver any revolutions in gaming the Nintendo 64 gave us hours upon hours of class memories playing smash hit titles such as Super Mario 64, James Bond - Golden Eye and the Legend of Zela: Ocarina of time 1998 Sega DreamCast When Sega released the Dreamcast in November 1998, it saw the birth of internet-connected game consoles. Showing off a 56k modem users could browse the internet or play games like phantasy star online. 2000 O Sony PS2 In the times of widescreen tvs that weigh more then your grandma after a sunday dinner. Sony Released the Playstation 2 in 2000 and was the first home video game console to have DVD playback capabilities. 2001 Microsoft Xbox Just 3 years after the first appearance of the Dreamcast, Microsoft released the Xbox which was the first console to utilise a hard drive out of the box and saw the beginning of their online service - Xbox Live. Nintendo Game Cube Released in Japan in 2001 (Worldwide in 2012) The nintendo gamecube was the first console to use optical discs as its primary storage medium. The Nintendo Gamecube Sold a total of 22 Million Units. 2005 Microsoft Xbox 360 Microsoft released their Xbox 360 console before the PS3 in 2005 being the first console on the consumer market to have a Wireless controller. 2006 Sony Playstation 3 O SONY While Microsoft were trying to push HD DVD, Sony stuck with the blu-ray format in 2006 which paid off in the long run with Blu-ray winning the 'format' war Nintendo Wii ii The Wii may not have the best graphics but it was the first console to introduce an 'interactive' style of play using body movements and gestures. While it was extremely fun it was also responsible for a lot of smashed Televisions. 2012 - 2014 2012 2014 we saw the release of The Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox one and all have a strong focus on media integration, Immersive gameplay and always being socially connected. Sony are currently winning the console war with a 6 millions units sold to date - thats 2 million more than the Xbox One. Performance PSU Tech news for gamers and overclockers wwW.PERFORMANCEPSU.COM PS4 SUPER NINTENDO Dreamcast GENESIS

The History of Video Gaming Consoles 1972 - 2014

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The History of Video Gaming Consoles 1972 – 2014 - 1972 saw the birth of pong and gaming, the past 42 years has seen 8 generations of video game console with advancements and hurdles at every corner.




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