Guild Wars 2 - Which Profession?


Which profession should i choose?

Cool with scepters, staves and torches?

Into technology and espionage?

Obsessed with weapons?

Yep Not my thing Yep Nah Yes

You like magic right?

Obviously Well

Daggers & swords?

Yeah, fine.

How do you feel about bows and firearms?

I like shields better!

Love 'em!

Hmmm, not sure...

Dark magic? Yep No Swords, hammers, maces too?

Yes No

Messing with people's minds magic?

Do you have a keen eye and the power of nature?

Nah Yes!

Poison clouds and disease

Yes No No Yes

Are you a selfless defender of the weak?

Of course

Do you like confusing enemies with illusions?

What about covert arts and the element of surprise?

Yes Not really

And undead minions?

I'm more up front

Yes No

Don't mind a little magic weilding?

Heck yes! Yes

Elemental Explodey magic?

Mechanical mayhem!

I hate magic!

Can't wait

Necromancer Yes Warrior

Mesmer Yes! Guardian

Elementalist Ranger

Thief Engineer

Guild Wars 2 - Which Profession?

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A simple flowchart of professions in Guild Wars 2 that would best suit your playing style.
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