The Amazing Growth Of Online Gambling

The Amazing Growth of Online Gambling in the UK and USA

The first online bingo and poker sites were launched in 1998. Today, players can choose from thousands of online tables in high quality 3D.

In 2011, the global revenue from online gambling was estimate to be nearly $30 billion, from over 1000 different sites.

32% The increase in online gambling from 2010-2011
4.5% The increase in social media usage from 2010-2011

Top UK sports betting sites as a percentage of total UK internet traffic
Betfair4.8% 3.6%
Racing Post 3.2% 3.2% 3.1%

UK 9% 3% 7% 6% 40% 3% 32%
USA 1% 9% 2% 12% 63% 3% 10%
Sports Betting

The national and state lotteries are by far the most popular online gambling sectors. In the USA this is because it is one of the few legal avenues for gambling, and is twice as popular as all other methods combined.

Research shows that the majority of online bingo users are women aged 50 or over, while young professionals dominate online gaming sites.

Traffic Around Major Sporting Events
Grand National February 2009
Grand National February 2010 World Cup June 2010
First Premier League Game August 2010

The Amazing Growth Of Online Gambling

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A look at the staggeringly steep growth of online gambling in both the UK and US in the past decade, in some cases beating the growth rate of social media!
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