Where to Order Shots in Boston

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While craft cocktails are no doubt here to stay, we’ve noticed a more (delightfully) lowbrow trend emerge: the return of the shot. Of course, in our shot research, we had to be fully comprehensive — meaning that in this infographic, you’ll find everything from pricy tequila shots from Lolita to a concoction dubbed “Oxycontin” from T.C.’s Lounge (which, hopefully, you’ll still be able to order one day if and when they recover from yesterday’s devastating fire). From haute to horrifying (see: Bong Water), here are 24 shots you’ll find in Boston.



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24 WAYS TO TAKE A SHOT IN BOSTON YOUR GUIDE TO THE TINIEST (AND BOOZIEST)BEVERAGES IN THE CITY THE HAWAIIAN PUNCH THE GALLOWS Boone's farm blue Hawaii Orange bitters Vodka $2.00 PUDDING SHOT CORNER CAFE Banana pudding Banana liqueur $4.00 THE TOOTSIE ROLL DUCALI Coca Cola 3 Olives Chocolate Vodka $5.00 SALTY NEOPOLITAN RESTAURANT DANTE Campari Dimmi Liquor Salted rim $5.00 BONG WATER SUSET GRILL & TAP Jaegermeister Melon liqueur Orange Juice $5.99 DOUBLE WIDE BRICK AND MORTAR Jack Daniels Coke syrup $6.00 MIRACLE FRAPPE EASTERN STANDARD Fernet Branca Green Creme de Menthe Mint leaf Crushed ice $6.00 APPLE SAUCE WONDER BAR Goldschlager Sour apple puckers Pineapple juice OXYCONTIN T.C.'S LOUNGE Blackberry Schnapps Barcardi O Triple Sec Splash of sour mix Orange juice Sprite $7.00 DOS MIO SHOOTER VIA MATTA Patron Silver Patron Citronage Sorbetto of the day $7.00 BILLY'S BANDIT GREATEST BAR Southern Comfort Triple Sec Cranberry juice $7.00 BAR ETIQUETTE BLUE INC. House-infused berry vodka House made sour mix Lillet blanc Liquid nitrogen $7.00 THE ALABAMA SLAMMER CHEERS Orange juice Southern Comfort Amaretto Sloe gin $7.50 BIRTHDAY CAKE JILLIAN'S Frangelico Citrus vodka Sugar lemon $7.60 HOT ROD FRANKLIN SOUTHIE Milagro Silver Fresh lime juice Tobasco sauce $8.00 THE KICKING MULE FORUM Jalapeno infused Tito's vodka Lime Splash of ginger beer $8.00 PICKLEBACK SHOT WOODWARD AT THE AMES HOTEL Jameson shot Housemade bread & butter pickle brine chaser $9.00 PINK GIN SHOT CITIZEN PUBLIC HOUSE Beefeaster 24 Angostura bitters $9.00 SOUTHIE COMFORT 12 SALOON Whiskey infused with cinnamon,cardamom,orange,Serville orange rind,lemon rind $9.00 OYSTER SHOOTER THE BARKING CRAB Vodka House made bloody mary mix Island Creek Oyster $9.75 TEQUILA LIME SORBET SHOOTER MASA Jalapeni infused Lun Azul Blanco tequilla Pinapple juice Jalapeno-lime sorbet $10.00 THE PLUM RED LANTERN Umeshu liqueur Palinka brandy $10.00 OYSTER SHOOTER OAK BAR Finlandia Vodka Raw Oyster $12.00 PLAY WITH MY PINEAPPLE LOLITA Partida Anejo tequilia Grand Marnier Fresh muddles pineapple Lime & simple syrup Cinnamon/sugar rim $15.00

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