Kitchen Knives

Knives of Kitchen

How to Use the knives found in your kitchen

Edges serrated

Cut soft products that have a hard crust


Cut raw meat, slice fish, or chop vegetables should be razor sharp


Hollowed out grooves that fill with fat & juices which reduce sticking

Paring Knives : �_ ��� blades that usually taper to a point Used for intricate or basic utility work

Bird���s beak

Peel round fruits or vegetables

Good for intricate work


Miniature cook���s knife

Sheep���s Foot

Straight cutting for peeling and paring

Clip Point

Remove eyes from potatoes

Remove pits from olives


Cut crust or skin with soft inside


Remove meat from bones

Detailed cutting jobs

Boning Knives: Ideal for removing meat from bones, cutting fish, or cutting poultry. Blade weight and thickness may vary




Cut through bone and cartilage





Cut close to the bone

Note: A fillet knife would fall in this category

Chef���s Knives:

Thick blade for wight and strength. Generally 6ハラン 8ハラン 10ハラン or 12ハラン Used for chopping and slicing

Santoku Knives

The Japanese version of a chef Knife. Great for chopping vegetables, meat, and crushing garlic. Wide blade for scooping sliced food. May feature granton edge.

Carving & Slicing Knives:

Cut pieces of meat into clean, even slices

May feature granton edge


Note: Carving knives have a think blade meant for slicing. Chopping may damage the knife.

Cleavers: Wide Blade and thick pine to cut through meat or poultry bones.

Both can be used for tenderizing mat and crushing seeds or garlic

Chinese Cleavers: Used to chop through meat and vegetables, but has a thinner blade and should not be used to cut through bones

Bread Knives: Large and deep serrations for cutting all bread types without crushing 8-9ハラン


Utility Knives: Smaller than Chef���s Knife but larger than paring knife. Good for miscellaneous cutting. May feature a plain or serrated edge. 4-7���

Tomato knives: Fine serrations for easily cutting through tough skin and a forked tip picking up slices of food

Kitchen Knives

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This infographic shows you how to use all of the knives that may be found in your kitchen.
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