Baby's First Foods from Around the World

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This shareable content piece was created for Plum Organics food company as part of their recently launched Resource Center. Highlighting the benefits of exposing adventurous eating to babies, this is part of the brand's mission for healthy eating.




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baby's first foods from around the world! For over 50 years it has been the accepted practice for American babies to start solids with bland white rice cereal, which is mainly processed white flout, and to a baby's metabolism is about the same as a spoonful of sugar. Meanwhile, babies in other countries are being fed remarkably different first foods - from seaweed to yak butter tea. It just goes to show that adventurous eating can begin with baby's first bite! brought to you by Plum Organics join us on this first foods journey around the globe - you'll return home inspired to add more flavor into your little one's culinary adventures! alaskan inuit for the first 9 months babies are fed seal blubber & seaweek then wild herbs, roots and berries china & east asia "xifan" a homemade rice porridge followed by mashed fruits, veggies, tofu and fish dominican republic until 6-7 months...crema de habichuelas a mix of black & kidney bean puree india "kichadi" a lentil and rice mixture at 6 months introduced to spices and flavors such as coriander, mint, cinnamon & turmeric indonesia starting at 6 months babies fed...rice porridge mixed with liver & veggies like carrot & spinach another first food is "air tajin" made from cooking rice japan miso soup before baby's 1st birthday when starting solids rice porridge topped with dried fish & veggies or mashed pumpkin raw fish also fed to children under 2 years old mexico & central america torillas and other ethnic dishes including soups, rice and beans nigeria starting at 6 months fed pureed adult food first foods include "gbegiri" a bean dish & yam flour philipines "lugaw" rice that has been simmered in chicken bits and broth soup infused with ginger, onions & toasted garlic sweden start with mashed fruits such as banana or oatmeal and mashed vegetables tibet first food is "tsampa" finely ground barley flour mixed with yak butter tea vietnam babies are fed sweetened rice porridge as their first food united states until recently, babies have been fed processed white rice cereal...nowadays a wide variety of foods early and often is recommended! so...make baby's first bites flavorful with fruits, veggies, herbs & spices, whole grains and even protein! The advice provided in this graphic is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always consult a pediatrician to understand the individual needs of your child. Plum organics