10 of the World's Most Expensive Dishes

10 of the World's Most Expensive Dishes

We live in a world of extravagancies. Gaudy homes, showy cars; much of the time we don’t think twice about treating ourselves to these luxuries. But imagine paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a meal, something that will only last as long as your appetite? Below you will find some of the World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Dishes, sure to be much more appetizing than their price tag.

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$110 Ramen
Fujimaki Gekijyo, Tokyo,Japan

Most are familiar with instant ramen noodles, and
accordingto ajapanese poll conducted in 2000,
“thejapanese believe their best invention of the
20th century was instant noodles.

. Chinese stock
. Thai torn yum stock
. Imperial ramen noodles
. 20 other secret ingredients

$145.49 The Ultra-Dog
Capitol Dawg, Sacramento

Taking the title back from the Canadians, the
ultra-dog holds the Guinness world record for the
priciest hot dog.

. Moose Cheese
• 3/4 lb. Beef f rank
. Smoked maple bacon
• Focaccia roll
. Italian white truffle butter
• French whole grain mustard
• Garlic-herb mayonnaise
• Local Sacramento balsamic vinagrette

$197 Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich
Von Essen, Berkshire, England

The Club Sandwich is thought to have originated
at the gentlemen’s only gambling house, Saratoga
Club-House, in New York in 1894.

• Iberico ham, air-cured for 30 months
• Poulet de Bresse
• White truffles
• Quail eggs
I Semi-dried Italian tomatoes
• 24-hour fermented sour dough bread

$800 - $1,100
"The End of History" Beer
BrewDog, Scotland

If the $800 - $1,100 price tag of this Belgian ale doesn’t
seem outrageous enough, perhaps the fact that the
brewmasters packaged the bottles inside taxidermied
squirrel carcasses will serve to up its opulence.

• Blond Belgian ale reduced down to one 330ml bottle
• 55% alcohol content
•Juniper berries
• Nettles
• Roadkill carcass

Westin Hotel, New York City

The record price paid for a single white truffle, one
of the ingredients found on this decadent bagel,
was $330,000 for a truffle weighing 3.3 pounds.

. White truffle cream cheese
• Goji berry infused Riesling jelly
. 23-carat gold leaf

Golden Opulence Sundae
Serenpidity 3, New York City

The cocoa beans used to make Chuao chocolate
are harvested off of the coast of Venezuela.

• Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream
• Tuscan Amedei Porceleana chocolate
• Chuao chocolate
• Candied Parisian fruits
• Truffles
• Cherry marzipan
• Sweetened Grand Passion caviar
• 23-karat gold leaf

Zillion Dollar Frittata
Norma's, New York City

This frittata contains the fewest ingredients of all
the dishes on our list, with the greatest cost
coming from the sevruga caviar. Surprisingly
gold leaf on top... yet.

• 1 whole lobster
• Eggs
• 10 ounces of sevruga caviar (at $65 per ounce)

$2,000 / slice
Wagyu Meat Pie
Fence Gate Inn, Lancashire, Britain

This $16,000 pot pie, (that’s about $2,000 a slice),
is anything but delicate. Considering its price tag,
you would think this pie would be sophisticated
and stuffed with diamonds; instead, it’s quite the
monstrosity of meat and mushrooms. Packed with
nearly six pounds of Kobe beef, the price of this
pie is also bolstered by the $910 per pound
matsutake mushroom.

• 6lbs of Kobe beef
• Matsutake Mushrooms
• Truffles
• 2 bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine
• Edible 23-carat gold leaf

Samundari Khazana "Seafood" Curry

Bombay Brasserie,London
Ironically enough, this pricey curry was created by
Chef Prahlad Hegde to coincide with the DVD
release of the film Slumdog Millionaire.

I Devon crab
. Scottish lobster
• Abalone
. White truffle shavings
• Edible gold leaf
• Beluga caviar

Louis XIII Pizza
Chef Renato Viola, Italy

Pizza, one of the humblest of foods, is already
undeniably great in its simplicity. The “Louis XIII,”
however, is a pie topped with lobster, caviar, eight
different types of cheese, and seasoned with
hand-picked pink Australian river salt, plus, Chef
Viola will send his chefs to make it for you
anywhere in Italy costing a total of $12,000!

• Lobster
• Caviar
• Eight types of cheese
• Pink Australian river salt

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10 of the World's Most Expensive Dishes

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We live in a world of extravagancies. Gaudy homes, showy cars; much of the time we don’t think twice about treating ourselves to these luxuries. But imagine paying hundreds, if not thousands of doll...
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