10 Things You Didn't Know About Guinness

10 Things you didn't know about Guinness

1 Arthur Guinness signed a lease for the disused St. James Brewery 1759 for: 9000 years at 45 francs a year

2 1n 1886 the Guinness brewery was the largest brewery in the world producing: 1.2 Million Barrels a year

3 In 1906 there were 3,240 employees at the brewery meaning that 10,000 people were dependent on Guinness for their livelihood - This was 1 in 30 of the population of Dublin

4 1939 - Guinness sent all British troops in the British expeditionary force in France a bottle of Guinness to enjoy with their Christmas Dinner.

5 Guinness is the biggest selling stout in the world
Brewed in 50 countries
Sold in 150 countries
10 million glasses are drunk around the world every day

6 Half of all pints consumed in Ireland everyday is a pint of Guinness.

7 There is approximately 198 calories in a pint of Guinness
Less than a pint of Orange Juice!

8 Guinness & Co. Makes almost 2 Billion annually.

9 The perfect pour
119.5 seconds
Double pour at a 45 degree angle

10 the guinness storehouse is Ireland's number 1 international visitor attraction
4 million visitors since 2000

10 Things You Didn't Know About Guinness

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Think you know your Guinness? Here are 10 things you might not know about that tastiest of stouts.
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