Trees Our Best Friends

Trees My Best Friend

Environmental Benefits

300 trees can remove the amount of pollution produced by 1 human being for a lifetime.

1 tree is enough to absorb 48 lbs of carbon dioxide in the air in a year.

Lowers urban temperatures by about 3��C.

1 tree collects and breaks 2380 gallons of rainfall a year reducing runoff and flooding.

Economic Benefits

Amount of money one tree produces and saves in half a century:

1. Generates $31,250 worth of oxygen

2. Provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control

3. Recycles $37,500 worth of water

4. Controls $31,250 worth of soil erosion

5. Saves $136 daily on pollution control technology operation

According to a study conducted by Sullivan and Kuo in 1996, presence of trees in a community fosters safer and more sociable environment in the neighborhood thus reduces levels of domestic violence and increasing social ties.

Parsons et. al. in 1998 concluded that views of trees and nature lowers stress response of a person's body and mind even at urban areas.

Distressing high-frequency noise brought about by cars and other machines in our cities are reduced about 50% by trees and other plants as shown in a research by Miller in 1997 and the US Dept. of Energy.

Ulrich's research in 1995 proves that patients in a hospital where there are presence of trees need lesser medication and recovered faster than their counterparts with none.

Trees and plants lowers atmospheric heat in an enclosed building thus reduces cooling costs by about 8-12%.

Reduce crime and increase social ties.

Aside from becoming natural shades, trees helps in reducing exposure to harmful UV rays that are main cause of skin cancer and cataracts.

Social Benefits

Communal Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Economic Benefits

Trees Our Best Friends

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Trees are very important in our planet. This infographic shows the many things that a tree contributes to us and to our mother Earth.
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