The Grass Is Always Greener: A Look at Irrigation Systems

The Grass is Always Greener:

A Look at Irrigation Systems

Why Plants Need Water- Basic Photosynthesis

Plants need sunlight and water to grow

Plants take in carbon

Then plants give off oxygen

Plants help control the amount of greenhouse gases in the air

Humans and other animals breathe the oxygen plants give off.

How an Irrigation System Works

In-Ground Irrigation

Ideal for lawns and larger unobstructed areas

Pipes are buried in the soil

A central water line sends water through all of the pipes

Strategically placed retracting sprinkler heads are located throughout the area. These sit flush with the ground�۪s surface when retracted.

When the water is turned on, the pressure in the pipes pushes up the sprinkler heads and water emerges.

Drip Irrigation

Ideal for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and potted plants.

Thin hoses are laid along the ground. The hoses are linked to a central water line by a main feed hose.

Drip emitters are placed at specific locations and provide a controlled flow of water.

Slow, controlled water flow is measured in gallons per hour.

System Controls

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Set to come on and turn off at certain times of day.

Timers allow you to customize your system for your watering needs.

Set: 8PM/AM

1 2 3


Set to come on and turn off at certain times of day.

Manual Irrigation Systems

Must be turned on and off each time you want to water

Require more attention

Can result in over-watering

The Benefits of Irrigation Systems

Control the amount of water your yard or garden receives.

Save money by wasting less water.

Help plants live longer with proper care.

Save time by letting the irrigation system water for you.

Reduce weed growth as only areas that need water will receive it.

The Grass Is Always Greener: A Look at Irrigation Systems

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People and animals breathe oxygen produced by plants. Plants need water to grow. To give your plants the water they need to thrive, consider investing in a high-quality irrigation system. Check out th...
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