What to Watch on Netflix

What to Watch

on Netflix


Are you watching

with children?

Do you have to

No watch it with Yes No


Are the kids

Girls only? Yes Feeling No frightened

nostalgic? easily?

Muppets or Old made new, or

Yes No music? Yes just old? Yes No

The Secret

Garden Alice in Rango

Muppet Music Wonderland Old New

Sesame Street

Yo Gabba

Gabba! The Lorax Yes Musical?

Sherlock (BBC) Mystery Freaks and Yes The Nightmare

Geeks Before Christmas

Classic mystery Coming of Age ParaNorman No

Thriller or thriller/ No story line? 60


Do you want the 30 or 60 Tv series or

most intense Yes Crime drama? No minutes Series movie?

show ever


Focus on the Escape with 30 Movie

Yes No good guys or Yes some fantasy/ No

bad guys? sci-fi?

Breaking Bad Good Bad Yes Politics and fast-

Head to outer talking?


Law & Orders Sons of Anarchy No

Yes No

Kevin, Verbal Steeped in

Star Trek: TNG Explore Explore or War? Kent, Spacey? history?

No Less science,

more fiction?

Yes No Yes No


Galactica War Sliders


The House of

Cards The Tudors

The Walking

Dead Yes Braiiiiiiiiiis?

The West Wing

Lost No

Do you like

Twin Peaks Yes things to be a

little strange?

Family Guy

Highschool of Yes

the Dead

Mad Men No

Gratuitous You want to see

No cleavage and up- Yes No things in B&W?

skirts shots?

Dick and fart

No jokes, with Yes Animated? The Twilight Yes

random musical Zone


A little more World-class

childish or a little Childish social Yes No Yes The X-Files

more mature? commentary?

Do you want to Do you like the

Mature Futurama No South Park remember paranormal? No


Do you want to Do you wnat to

watch the most Yes Ren & Stimpy do as little Yes No

f***ed up show Show thinking as

on Netflix? possible?

No Archer Skit show? Yes No Do you dig No Frasier

British humour?

Do you like Are you really Do you reckon it

Yes things to get a Yes No into weed and Yes be a bit of a Yes

little odd, a little liquor? sophisticate?


No Chappelle's Yes No Fawity Towers No


The Kids in the Can you hear the Do you want a

Hall Yes sh*t hawks Are you really No show with No

circling in the into football? astounding

sh*t winds? rewatchability?

Trailer Park Boys

The League Yes Yes

Workaholics No


It's Always Development

Sunny in Insanity Satire or

Philadelphia insanity?

One Upon a Time Louie Yes

in the West

Parks and Satire Do you find

Recreation awkward

situations funny?

Old Cheers No


Columbo more Process

thing... Are you about

You want to go the solution, or Mystery

oldschool or the process?

keep it fresh? The Rockford Solution Mystery or

Files Space?

Are you

Fresh Star Trek Yes extremely Space


True Grit Yes Firefly No Yes Want your night

to be action


Horses, boots

No and 10-gallon No How about a war No Have you seen

hats? movie? The Terminator?


Black Hawk Terminator 2:

Down Yes Judgement Day Yes

Do you want to

keep it serious? Yes

Shooter Do you consider

No snowboard films Yes What about a

to be documentary?


No Set in the future Now

or present day? Yes Art of Flight

Top Gun Do you want to No

Future Aeon Flux have your face Yes Year of the Horse

melted off from

maximum rock?

Pain or Paint? Yes Take it to the No

streets? Religulous Monsters,

murderers and


Do you want to

No see just how Yes

Exit Through the ridiculous

Pain Paint Gift Shop religion can be?

Should there be

Bones Brigade: Are you a Woody Yes a blood-soaked No

An Yes Allen fan? Or No chainsaw at

Autobiography would you like to some point?

become one?

Woody Allen: A The Evil Dead No

Documentary No

Three parts

Cabin in the classic horror,

Grizzly Man Yes Woods Yes one part

something new?

Do subtitles

bother you? Do abandoned

Man on Wire No Yes asylums scare No

the sense out of


Duck Soup Session 9

Ferris Bueller's Yes Are you in the

Day Off Yes Insidious No mood to laugh?

Do you find Do you mind it

No clever wordplay No when people No Do you want No

entertaining? break out some drama with

singing? your laughter?

Are you adverse

Butch Cassidy to black and

and the Legend Happy Gilmore Yes white? Yes

Sundance Kid

Do you want to Do you love Paul Do you like your

Great watch something Yes Newman? Do Yes No humor to be

great, or you want to? more or less

legendary? lewd?

Slap Shot

Pretty Gritty or pretty No Clerks More Less


Yes quirky romantic Gritty Trainspotting ManHattan


Were you a fan of Do you hunger

Lost in No Big Fish Yes Firefly? Yes for adventure?



Super 8 Yes No Star Trek II: The

Wrath of Khan


Want some thrills Do you like main

The Hunger No with your Yes rolls to be played No

Games adventure? by kids?

Do you enjoy

Are you upset by diatribes entirely Care for some

Hustle & Flow No seeing drug use? No unrelated to the Yes criminal intent?


Yes Do you love hip- Yes Mob story? Yes Reservior Dogs



Traffic No Miller's Crossing Yes No Clay Pigeons

Have you seen Hypothetically:

The Girl who Yes the original Girl No would a long No Ready for some

Played with Fire with the Dragon brutal rape scene romance?

Tattoo? ruin your night?

Have you seen

No The Girl Who No The Girl with the Yes

Played with Fire? Dragon Tattoo PI

Are subtitles Do you want to

The Girl who going to be a be completely

Kicked the Yes problem? No confused? Yes

Hornets' Nest

Yes Keep it mellow? Yes No Tomboy

Tom Tom Cruise or Yes

Matt Damon

Midnight Cowboy No The Mechinist

Vanilla Sky Matt Good Will


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What to Watch on Netflix

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This flowchart will help you decide what you should watch on Netflix (or in general).
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