Making Quids with Viral Vids - Making Money from YouTube Videos

making quids with viral vids

the youtube rich list

in 2010, the top ten erners on youtube were revealed, with each one receiving over $100,000 in revenue. Some are now household names, but how much are they earning now?

video views as of 2010

video views as of 2013




the annoying orange smosh ryan higa the young turks

1 2 3 4

realannoyingorange smosh nigahiga theyoungturks





total earnings as of 2010

est earnings as of 2012

youtube accounts with viral vids

the most viral videos on youtube have earned, and are still earning, the uploader money, despite some being added years ago.

this is what the upload account is estimated to be earning from ad revenue on video views across their whole account:

estimated mean earnings per year

per 1,000 views

1 officalpsy �3,885550 �9.70

($5,906,036) ($14.72)

2.12 billion account video views

PSY - gangnam style

2 hdcyt �166,450 �1.93

($253,004) ($2.93)


charlie bit my finger - again !

3 judsonlaipply �32,800 �1.94

($49,764) ($2.94)


evolution of dance

4 thesunnycoastskate �175,650 �1.95

($266,496) ($2.96)


harlem shake v1 (tscs original)

some of the most popular youtube accounts

some of the most popular youtube accounts

machinima freddiew fpsrussia epicmealtime

total account video views 4.12 billion 0.82 billion 0.52 billion 0.52 billion

estimated mean earnings per year �1,738,650 �372,500 �259,250 �240,500

($2,637,879) ($565,157) ($392,582) ($364,189)

anyone can make money from youtube videos

the most effective way to monetise youtube videos is from adverts. youtube's partner program allows you to run adverts on your videos in return for a cut of the ad revenue proceeds.

google you

google, the owner of youtube, gives its content makers more than 50% of the admoney from their videos.


however well youtube does, the partners are doing better

kate rose, member of youtube's communications team

monetisation process flowchart

youtube register a youtube account

make sure to fill in your profile and choose a picture or logo

create and film unique content and upload to youtube

failed to make the cut? keep trying for those video views

whether you're opinionated, musically talented or have a niche idea for a video account, try to do something unique

these are the typical requirements you must have before you can start earning money

apply to join youtube's partner program

achieve over 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 views on all videos and 10,000 channel views

gain a following

if successful... promote your channel

choose to monetise your videos

you're almost there...

select the type of adverts

advert types vary. smaller ones make less money than ads that play before the video starts

get paid based on video views

successful youtube channels constantly make new videos and keep their subscribers entertained

you've started making money from your videos, but don't stop there

continue to create content and engage with your audience

youtube's partner program criteria

before you are approved to place adverts on your videos, youtube will assess your ability to reach a large enough audience.

specific requirements haven't been revealed, but your youtube account should have

1 over 1,000 subscribers

2 over 1,000 views on all your videos

3 over 10,000 channel views

you must also own worldwide distribution and commercialisation

rights (including all visuals and audio tracks).

how much can you make?

youtube keeps fairly quiet about how much monetising your account can make you.

but its thought banner adverts can earn you

pre-roll adverts, which play before the video starts, can make you

�0.53 ($0.80) to �0.66 ($1.00)

for every 1,000 views

�3.29 ($5.00) to �5.27 ($8.00)

for every 1,000 views


could make you between

�530 ($800) and �5,270 ($8,000)

the next big youtube hits

nobody knows where the next viral videos will come from.

comedy and music are themes loved by everyone, with the most common theme of late being dance.

Making Quids with Viral Vids - Making Money from YouTube Videos

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We look at YouTube's most popular channels and videos, and how they made millions for their creators. We also take a look at how you could make money by creating and posting a viral video
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