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Mad Men

spoiler alert Robert Pryce Rebecca Pryce Saint John Powell MAD MEN Toni Charles Nigel Price Puttnam Powell and Lowe Harold Ford Buy Sterling Copper season 1-4 explained Puttnam Powell and Lowe Lane Pryce Puttnam Powelf ond Lowe Sterling Cooper Alec Martin KEY Deceased Deceased SCDP Puttnam Powell and Lowe Business Partner Marriage Romance Divorced Offspring Sibling Rival Gloria Hofstadt Gene Hofstadt Ruth Hofstadt Deceased Janine Alice Cooper Anna Draper Mrs Cooper Margaret Sterling Hargrove Deceased Judy Hofstadt Gene Lieutenant Don Draper Draper Bobby Draper William Hofstadt Brooks Hargrove Sally Draper Mona Sterling Eleanor Bertram Cooper Sterling Cooper Dan Bishop Helen Francis Henry Francis SCDP Un named Midge Daniels Bishop Retired Candace man Ida Blankenship Jane cousin Sterling Danny Betty Francis Glen Bishop Unnamed Ted School Boy Crush Chaough Siegel Adam Whitman child SCDP Sterling Cooper SCDP Deceased Deceased Roger Sterling Jr Sterling Cooper fired fiancee Archibald SCDP Rochel Uncle Abigail Mack Whitman Donald Draper Dick Whitman Sterling Coeper Megan Calvet Katz Whitman Johnson Expecting Child Deceased SCDP SCDP Bethany Van Nuys Suzanne Evangeline Dr Faye Miller Bobbie Victor Manny Carol Farrell Barrett McCardy -- Deceased turned down Greg Harris Deceased Steriling Cooper Jimmy Barrett Katherine Olson Dorothy Dyckman Campbell Duck Phillips Sterling Cooper Andrew Charlie Joan Campbell Holloway Harris Fiddich Sterling Cooper Anita Olson Respola Gerry Respola Geoffrey Atherton Pauline Phillips SCDP Trudy Campbell Mark Phillips Patricia Gerry Respola Jr Phillips Tammy Campbell Abe Drexter Joey Baird Bud Gudrun Cambell Pete Campbell Sterling Cooper SCDP Peggy Olson Sterling Cooper fired Mark Kearney SCDP Violet Lee Un named child Rumsen Garner SCDP Sheila White Unnamed unspoken Male Belhop Lucky Strike Un named Lee Garner Jr Cynthia Baxter Jennifer child Crane turned down replacement Lucky Strike Freddy Rumsen Sterling Cooper fired Father John Gill Stan Rizzo Warren SCDP McKenna fiancee shared office Marty Faraday turned down Storling Cooper Paul Kinsey Harry Crane Sterling Cooper Salvatore Romano Sterling Coeper Romano fired Sterling Cooper Hildy кіну SCDP Ken Cosgrove Sterling Cooper Cut of his foot Sterling Cooper Guy MacKendrick Carolyn Jones Lois Puttnom Powell and Lowe Kurt Smitty Smith Sterling Cooper Sadler Sterling Cooper fired Sterling Cooper SCDP Sterling Cooper turned down %3D

Mad Men

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Spoiler alert: Mad Men explained.


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