Inception Cast and Characters

The Cast of Inception

Cobb/Leonardo DiCaprio
The world's best at stealing valuable secrets from the subconscious and the leader of this literal dream team. As for the star himself, will this role finally be the one that wins him Best Actor?

Adriadne/Ellen Page
A college grad student who serves as the architect of the team and constructs the actual dreams. Page has certainly come a long way from the "shenanigans" of 2007's Juno.

Mal/Narion Cotillard
Cobb's deceased wife who shows up in the dream world and manifests beyond his control. Combine her emotional range with Leo's and you have a recipe for onscreen fireworks.

Saito/Ken Watanabe
Is he a tourist businessman who hires Cobb? Or the villain who blackmails him? Regardless of how it shakes out, audiences will enjoy the Japanese actor's return to the U.S. box office.

Arthur/Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The point man and Cobb's right hand. Responsible for researching targets before jobs. Could this be JGL's breakout performance? He's a Leo-in-training in more than just the plot.

Eames/Tom Hardy
A forger who impersonates targets inside the dreamscape. But he's also a no-nonsense MI-5 throwback who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Hardy should shine in his biggest role yet.

Fischer/Cillian Murphy
Every heist has its target or "mark" and this heir to a business empire is the mark of the crew's big score. The Irishman is a Nolan favorite who's extremely versatile as an actor.

Miles/Michael Caine
Cobb's mentor, former teacher and father-in-law. Just how much did he teach Cobb about extraction? Who knows, but it's clear that Christopher Nolan cherishes the screen legend.

Inception Cast and Characters

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2010's Inception was hailed as a mind-bending, visually electric thriller driven by an action-packed plot and an all-star cast. Here is a breakdown of Inception's impressive cast of characters.
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