Game of Thrones - The Major Houses and Their Members

Game Of Thrones

The Major Houses and Their Members

House Stark

Winter is Coming

Edward Catelyn

Robb Sansa Arya Bran Rjckon

House Tyrell

Growing Strong

Mace Alerie

Willas Garlan Margaery Lobas

House Arryn

As High As Honour

Jasper Unknown Lady Arryn

Jon Lysa Alys Ronnel


House Lannister

Hear Me Roar

Tywin Joanna

Jaime Cerse (Baratheon) Tyrjon

House Martell

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Quentin 1 Mynia

Clement 1 Mynia Wyl

Ellaria Drinkwater Tobias 1

House Greyjoy

We Do Not Sow

Euron ll Alannys ll

Robin ll Asha ll Theon ll

Eoron lll Harren Alyx

House Baratheon

Ours Is The Fury

Robert Cersei (Lannister)

Joffrey Myrcella Tommen

House Tully

Family, Duty, Honour

Hoster Minisa

Catelyn Lysa Edmure

House Targaryen

Fire And Blood

Aerys ll Rhyailla

Rhaegar Viserys lll Daenerys

Game of Thrones - The Major Houses and Their Members

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In case that you need to get a concise intro to Game of Thrones characters, major houses, and members, you've come to the best place. Select which noble family you think should ultimately gain all the...
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