Breaking Bad Top 5 B*tch moments from Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is known for his use of the word "b*tch" throughout the show. This infographic is a top 5 countdown of his b*tch moments.





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TOP 5 B*TCH MOMENTS FROM JESSE PINKMAN THE INFOGRAPHIC The Breaking Bad has finally reached Its conclusion and despite how sad it is we should celebrate what a great show it is. Jesse Pinkman is known for his use of the word ���b���tch��� throughout the show and this infographic is to count the top five moments he uses this word. **** WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILERS **** REMEMBER B*ITCH ISN'T A NICE WORD TO USE IN REAL LIFE #1 SEASON & EPISODE 1 5A LIVE FREE OR DIE QUOTE JESSE REACTING IN DELIGHT- "YEAH, B*ITCH MAGNETS!" #2 SEASON & EPISODE 3 10 FLY QUOTE JESSE SAID TO WALT - "YO, GATORADE ME B*ITCH!" #3 SEASON & EPISODE 2 6 PEEKABOO QUOTE JESSE MENTALLY PREPARING HIMSELF - "WHERE'S MY MONEY? B*ITCH!" #4 SEASON & EPISODE 3 5 MAS QUOTE JESSE ON THE PHONE TO WALT - "CAUSE IT AIN���T YOURS. IT���S OURS. PLURAL B*TCH!" #5 SEASON & EPISODE 2 9 4 DAYS OUT QUOTE JESSE ARGUING WITH WALT - "I WANTED THEM ON THE COUNTER. B*ITCH. OH. I'M SORRY. OH. THE ハラモWORK STATION:" TO BE CONTINUED... This is going to be an on-going project. the next one will be the top 10 moments from Jesse. It you would like to submit your favourite "b*tch" moment from Jesse please email me at: REMEMBER B*ITCH ISN'T A NICE WORD TO USE IN REAL LIFE The Breaking Bad and Its characters featured In this infographic are copyright of AMC and all rightful owners of the series. This infographic is not official or in affiliation with AMC network and creators of the show. This Infographic is copyright 2013 of Chris Au. I do not own or claim to own The Breaking Bad and its characters. Visit my website at: email: _________ Follow me on Twitter: @Chris_KL_Au