Back to the Future Timelines

Steven Spielberg presents

Back to the future

a Robert zemeckis film


travel to future

travel to past

ripple effect

each colored circle is assigned to specific characters




marty,doc & jennifer


marty & doc

1885 1955 1985 2015

Timeline 1

Einstein travels 1 minute into the future. Marty then travels back to 1955

Part 1

timeline 2

marty changes his parents' past and then travels back to 1985. Doc then travels to 2015.

Timeline 3

Doc travels back to 1985 and takes marty and jennifer with him to 2015. While there, old biff steals the de lorean and travels to 1955 with the sports almanac.

part 2

timeline 4

old biff hands young biff the almanac and returns to 2015. However he dies because of how drastically he changed the past.

Timeline 5

Marty and Doc return to the 1985, however they are in an alternate reality and travel back to 1955 to fix the present.

Timeline 6

After fixing the past, the De Lorean is accidentally struck bylighting and Doc is sent 1885.

Timeline 7

A delivery man from Western Union hands Marty the letter Doc wrote for him in 1885. Marty then heads to 1885 to save Doc.

Part 3

Timeline 8

Marty helps Doc in 1885. Doc stays in 1885 and Marty travels back to 1985.

"Back to the future I, II & III" Starring Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd

Lea Thompson Crispin Glover Thomas F. Wilson and Mary Steenburgen

Written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale Music by Alan Silvestri Produced by Bob Gale and Neil Canton

Executive Producers Steven Spielberg Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall

Directed by Robert Zemickis

Back to the Future Timelines

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I decided to make a simple chart explaining the different timelines. Yes, I know that a lot of people have made these already, but I wanted to make one with the different timelines and descriptions fo...
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