15 Fun and Bizarre Facts Abou Lady Gaga

15 Fun & Bizarre Facts About Lady Gaga

1. Lady Gaga cites Queen and David Bowie as creative inspirations. Her stage name came from Queen's hit "Radio Ga Ga."

2. Her favorite fashion designers are Donatella Versace and Peggy Bundy.

3. According to an interview with "Rolling Stone," Gaga goes pants-less so that her nearly blind grandmother will be able to see her when she is on television.

4. Gaga refers to her listeners as her "little monsters" and considers them to be a major part of her support network.

5. Gaga once purchased $1,000 worth of Papa John's pizza for her fans who were waiting in line for autographs.

6. Lady Gaga taught herself how to play piano by ear when she was four years old. She is a classically trained pianist.

7. "Haus of Gaga" is the name she gave to the crew that works with her, which includes stage designers, sound artists, clothes designers, and visual artists.

8. Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU. After leaving school, she performed in burlesque shows on the Lower East Side of New York.

9. Gaga also appeared on a 2008 episode of "The Hills." Before a performance, her broken cat-suit zipper was fixed by Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad.

10. Lady Gaga often carries a purple teacup and saucer in public. "I drank tea with my mom, [so teacups] make me feel at home," she said.

11. On June 11, 2009, Lady Gaga scored the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's coveted annual "Hot List" issue. Later in the year she was voted the fashion icon of 2009.

12. Lady Gaga was born Joanne Stefani Germanotta. She was known for shocking babysitters as a child by showing up to greet them in the nude.

13. Socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton attended the same school as Gaga, and ended up becoming big fans.

14. Kermit the Frog was on damage control after being caught kissing Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

15. Gaga attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She was one of twenty people to gain early admission.

15 Fun and Bizarre Facts Abou Lady Gaga

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This infographic provides some fun facts about Lady Gaga the musician. Facts include her real birth name and her favorite musicians and designers.
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