The World's Five Most Dangerous Countries For Women

The World's Five Most Dangerous Countries for Women

1 Afghanistan - health, non-sexual violence, discrimination

2 Congo - sexual violence, health, discrimination

3 Pakistan - cultural, non-sexual violence, discrimination

4 India - cultural, trafficking, discrimination

5 Somalia - cultural, health, discrimination

Issues - health, discrimination, cultural, sexual violence, non-sexual violence, trafficking

1 Afghanistan

"Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. That aside, it is also a context that gives a woman minimal opportunity for education, health access, reproductive health choice, etc. The lack of hope of the situation of women improving in the near futures, as opposed to countries such as Sierra Leone and Souther Sudan, makes the situation comparatively even worse."

-Dhammika Perera, International Rescue Committee

87% of Afghan women are illiterate

Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)

1/11 an Afghan woman's chance of dying in childbirth

UNICEF, State of the World's Children

70%-80% of Afghan women face forced marriages

IRIN, Afghanistan: Women's hopes for equality fade

2 Congo

"The levels of sexual violence and rape in the DRC are simply the highest in the world...This is a tragedy of epic proportions-and the women's movement needs to be doing a lot more to bring this issue onto the international agenda."

-Keshet Bachan, Plan International

1152 women are raped in Congo every day

American Journal of Public Health, Estimates and Determinants of Sexual Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

57% of Pregnant women are Anaemic

The World Bank, Nutrition at a Glance - DRC

0 the number of legal acts wives can sign without their husband's authorization

Social Institution & Gender Index, Gender Equality and Social Institutions in Congo

3 Pakistan

"Pakistani women are left with little, if any, protection from violence and discrimination. In addition to Pakistani laws being discriminatory, the judicial system condones and exacerbates the problem by failing to view violence against women as a serious violation of women's human rights."

-Noreen Haider, Madadgar Trust for Research and Development

90% of women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes

Human Rights Watch, Crime or Custom? Violence Against Women in Pakistan

82% how much less women earn than men

UNDP, Human Development Report 2010

1000+ women and girls are victims of honor killings every year

Human Rights Commission Pakistan, quoted by UNHCR

4 India

"Girls from rural villages taken to cities on the promise of jobs and wages are sold to brothels. Even when they do escape or are rescued they can be rejected from their own families and left destitute. It's under-reported. There is also bonded slavery still in existence."

-Mandy Marshall, Tearfund

100M mostly women and girls are estimated to be involved in trafficking in India

Former Indian Home Secretary, Madukar Gupta

44.5% of Girls are married before the age of 18

ICRW (2010), Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey data

50M girls are 'missing' in the past century due to female infanticide and foeticide

United National Population Fund

5 Somalia

"If I was asked where is the most dangerous place to be a woman I would have said, with certainty, Somalia."

-Maryan Qasim, Somali Minister for Women's Development and Family Welfare

95% of girls face genital mutilation, mostly between ages of 4 and 11

UNICEF Somalia

7.5% of Parliament seats are held by women

UNDP, Human Development Report 2010

9% of women give birth in a health facility

UNICEF, State of the World's Children

The World's Five Most Dangerous Countries For Women

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According to a TrustLaw Women poll of 213 gender experts from five continents, being a woman in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia is more dangerous than anywhere e...
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