What Does Student Studio Do?

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@p`!HR@@I@T`b C04. Students learn Century skills they FUTURE.1. We ENGAGE students by taking something they love, get their ATTENTION.2. We TEACH students how to create what they LOVE.3. We implement INNOVATIVE focusing on MATH LITERACY.Everything we do is aligned to state and national 5. Test scores INCREASE. Behavior problems decrease. Students learn how to creativly express themselves.In a nutshell: We take theand introduce it to students in a fresh and exciting way.MyStudentStudio.comDesigned by: Reggie Perry,Jr. || reggieperryjr@gmail.comWhat Does Student Studio Do?2Nj/  pw~uicd+..-.lGGTeE~EP4##w9ܰ}e16%U66QWEDQ=v\w~PPս̺e1%M SUzR_?vw$6,$$,CvOwOOOvwwb\~̴ͦTJ(F KRwE_oPP\RyYq̲έPJFvw/.MYrZY־ٴR@61 "5Kf۽uW<( "5Je۽uW<( "5Je۽uV<( !4Je۽uV;' !4Je۽uV;' !4Je۽uV;' !4Je۽uV;' !4Jd۽uV;' !4Jd۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' !4Id۽uV;' 

What Does Student Studio Do?

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Student Studio teaches students literacy and math using the innovative platform of music production.
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