Top Countries with Nuclear weapons

The Top Countries With Nuclear Weapons


Total: 2,430

Codename: RDS-1

First Developed: 1949

After the World War, Russia needed to restore some balance of power during the Cold War era. They were desperate and screambled to develop their own nuclear weapons program, to be on the same page with the US. It is also believed that Russia made use of many spies to help develop their projects. Russia has the distinction of detonating the most powerful device by humans, the Tsar Bomba.


Total: 290

First Developed: 1960

Codename: Gerboise Bleue

Now the French did not want to be lagging behind either. It wanted to be a power to reckon with, at least in Europe, if not around the world. A commendable fact is that most of the project was carried out on indigenous data. Gerboise Bleue was tested in 1960.

North Korea

Total: ?

First Developed: 2006

Codename: 2006 Test

The first test by North Korea was as recently as 2006. North Korea was a member of the NPT until 2003. Not much is known about the tests and subsequent projects, as North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world.

United Kingdom

Total: 160

First Developed: 1952

Codename: Hurricane

Hurrican was first tested by the UK in 1952. A lot of its resources and data was taken from the Manhattan Project, that was done in collaboration with the United States. The UK's main aim was that its project act as a deterrent to Russia. It did not want to reply completely on the US for help, and wanted to be an independent nuclear power itself.

United States

Total: 1,950

First Developed: 1945

Codename: Trinity

During World War II, it was feared that the Nazi regime would strive to develop nuclear weapons. As such, the United States started the Manhattan Project along with Canada and the United Kingdom. Trinity was first developed in 1945. The US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 2 Japanese cities, and is the only nation till date to have used nuclear weapons against any other country.


Total: ?

First Developed: 1979

Codename: Vela Incident

Israel has never officially declared that it is a nuclear weapons state, and has always maintained that whatever it does is related to its civilian nuclear program. Though, bunkers for weapons, mobile missile launchers, and launch sites have been captured in satellite images on numerous occasions.


Total: ?

First Developed: 1998

Codename: Chagai-I

Not wanting to be left behind by India, Pakistan started its own nuclear program, which is believed to have been helped by China. But it was only in 1998 that Pakistan tested Chagia, and is believed to be a nation in hot pursuit of increasing its stockpile.


Total: ?

First Developed: 1974

Codename: Smiling Buddha

India tested Smiling Buddha in 1974. India maintained that it was a peaceful nuclear program, but it was alleged that dual-use technology was in use, where civilian nuclear technology could be secretly channeled to weapons technology. India's aim was to be at par with China, and also make sure that its neighbor Pakistan was aware of India's power.


Total: 180

First Developed: 1964

Codename: 596

China was wary of both the US and Russia. 596 was first tested in 1964. But once the Chinese got started, they worked hard and fast, and were striving to be at par with the 2 superpowers of the world, Russia and the US. Although, China is the only country in the nuclear weapons club to have adopted the 'first no use' policy.

Top Countries with Nuclear weapons

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