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Teachers: The Happiest Profession on the Planet?

~ TEACHERS ~ the happiest profession on the planet? SEVERAL DIFFERENT STUDIES AROUND THE GLOBE INDEPENDENTLY REVEALED AN AMAZING FACT: TEACHERS investment bankers, consultants, ON HOW THEY accountants, engineers, sales BEAT OUT professionals, and entrepreneurs OVERALL: RATE THEIR LIVES OUT OF 14 MAJOR CAREER CATEGORIES, TEACHERS ARE NO. 2 IN OVERALL WELLBEING PROFESSIONALS TO SAY THEY SMILED ORLAUGHED A LOT YESTERDAY #2 IN SAYING THEY "LEARN ORDO SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY #3 IN SAYING GET TO USE THEIR STRENGTHS & DO WHAT THEY DO BEST EVERY DAY #3 IN HEALTHY BEHAVIORS REPORT HIGH LEVELS OF EXERCISE & HEALTHY EATING teachers BUT CERTAINLY DON'T TOP HAVE STABLE SALARIES AND BENEFITS THE SCALE IN ANNUAL INCOME MONEY NOT IMPORTANT? "Happiness does not increase with annual income after reaching the certain mark" - Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize-winning psychologist), Angus Deaton (Princeton economist) DID YOU KNOW? TEACHERS RATE THEIR LIVES HIGHLY AND ARE IN GREAT EMOTIONAL HEALTH, WHICH ARE TWO KEY SUBCOMPONENTS OF WELLBEING. BUT WHAT REALLY PREVENTS TEACHERS FROM REACHING THEIR FULL POTENTIAL? IRONICALLY ENOUGH, IT'S THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT: SOMETHING FOR EDUCATIONAL AUTHORITIES TO CONSIDER URGENTLY! TEACHERS ARE NOT ALWAYS TREATED WITH RESPECT THEY EXPERIENCE THE SECOND-HIGHEST STRESS LEVEL ACROSS ALL OCCUPATIONS THEIR SUPERVISORS FAIL TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS TRUSTING AND OPEN ONLY 31% OF TEACHERS FEEL ENGAGED IN THEIR WORKPLACE WHAT MAKES TEACHERS LOVE THEIR JOB UNCONDITIONALLY? Making a Change The Students Responsi- bility Creative Work Summers off 100 % of teachers It's the #1 reason why they love teaching. Many teachers get a rush as they Teachers enjoy Stimulating the minds of children Getting 2 months off in the summer love knowing that they can make a leading their own classes & love the is an added advantage to working in this profession. & helping them learn constantly difference in a autonomy and freedom they have on the job. Teaching allows recent graduates to jump right in and do what they student's life- requires new ideas and a fresh outlook. The both in and out of watch a student the classroom. master a new opportunity to make learning fun as one of the job's high points. concept or come up with an innovative idea. love - teach. QUALIFIED TEACHERS WILL BE IN HIGH DEMAND FOR A LONG TIME AS BY YEAR 2030 THE SHORTAGE OF WELL-TRAINED PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS WILL BE AS HIGH AS 5 MILLION AROUND THE WORLD. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Busy * Teacher SOURCES: .org f free printable worksheets [email protected]

Teachers: The Happiest Profession on the Planet?

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Despite a common image of an overworked, grumbling about pay teacher, several different studies around the globe independently revealed an amazing fact: people who choose to be teachers are happier th...


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