Ignorance Before Good & Evil

Ignorance Before Good & Evil

Your life

Though seemingly a roller-coaster, is linear

It is composed of all your innate & nurtured characteristics, experiences, and everything between birth & death.

Your life

primary influence

Everything you experience, mentally, is a large characteristic which governs your moral compass and behaviors.

Everyone you know

secondary influence

From tragic events, handling of situations, dreams, habits, worship and more, we strongly reflect our surroundings.

Everyone else

your ignorance

From the taboo, different governments, religions & sexualities, and more. Ignorance to life is derived from lack of exposure.

and the world population is 7.1 billion people

So, if you know, per se, 5,000 people, you are most likely ignorant to the many possible permutations, regarding life events.

You 0.0000000001%

People you know 0.0000007%

Everyone else >99.9%

on a micro scale

we develop subtle quirks, slang, friends, pass-times, our work-ethic, stress management & more, through exposure to our immediate surroundings.

on a macro scale

we develop political structures, religion, moral-code, accents, body language, mode of emotional expression, the purpose and outlook on life, often what is sexually relevant, what defines happiness, & much more, through our collective surroundings.

Russians are taught stoicism & emotional limitation

Chinese are taught un-tanned skin is beautiful

Shi'ites practice flagellation or self-mutilation

Germans consume alcohol at the age of 16

Central/S. Americans often throw TP in trash bins

Americans don't use the metric system

Netherlands legalize the recreational usage of marijuana

...and many other main & sub-cultures.

All of this determines our subjective spectrum of good & evil

The good is

This allows us to assimilate as one culture, develop complex societal infrastructure and superstructures, as well as advance as a whole. This also allows us an enormous space to grow, as individuals, on our pursuit to become higher-intellectual beings.

The bad is

The way to distort our values is to displace individuals, to a false environment. This is where brainwashing occurs in Jonestown, the Holocaust, religious extremism and more. Also, we will always have a false perspective due to the permutations of events which define our lives.

Ignorance Before Good & Evil

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Ignorance before good & evil is a vague theory which off-sets the controversial notion, in which some believe good & evil inherently exist as a fixed variable, which is the foundation for societal beh...
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Andrew Zgoda
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