English for Teenagers

English for Teenagers

North America

Toilets ハラヨ Washroom

Underwear ハラヨ Drawers

Female ハラヨ Babe

Male ハラヨ Bro

Term of endearment ハラヨ G

Uk& Ireland

Toilets ハラヨ Bog

Underwear ハラヨ Skivvies

Female ハラヨ Bird

Male ハラヨ Bruv

Term of endearment ハラヨ Fam

Australia & New Zealand

Toilets ハラヨ Dunny

Underwear ハラヨ Undies

Female ハラヨ Sheila

Male ハラヨ Bloke

Term of endearment ハラヨ Little Ripper

ハラモText Speakハラン is used by English Learners

LOL ハラヨ Laugh out loud

THX ハラヨ Thanks

OMG ハラヨ Oh My God

2MORO- Tomorrow

GR8- Great

YOLO ハラヨ You only live once

Teenagers send on average 193 text messages every week

We asked English learners which of the following text speak do you use?

Lol 65%

THX 65%

OMG 63%

2MORO 26%

GR8 21%

YOLO 12%

In What situation do you use text speak?

Texting: 71%

Inline 64%

Speaking out loud: 14%

Writing essays: 5%

Exams: 3%

Why so you use text speak?

It is faster than writing full words: 77%

Everybody else does: 15%

My parents cannot read it: 3%

Do You think your English grammar or spelling is worse due to using text speak?

63% No

37% Yes

English for Teenagers

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Have you ever wondered how teenagers around the world use English? Kaplan decided to look at slang words used by teenagers and how English learners use text speak. Do you agree with the findings of o...
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