22 things to do during your internship program

22 things to do

1. Be Enthusiastic
-It will be noticed.
-You will be given good work.

2. Ask Questions
-Please let's not irritate our seniors
-Ask genuine questions

3. Say Thanks
- If our questions are answered, then please say “Thank you”

4. Stay in touch
- Sag bye and also "See you again”.

5. Be smart
- no one likes training dumb cows. Please be smart!

6. Take notes
- You might have a big brain. But people forget.

7. Cover your ass
- If you don't know what something means... Google it!

8. Find a mentor
- not everyone will be willing to teach. Find one, and stick to him!

9. Work Hard
- Did you think an MBA degree would be an escape route?

10. Participate
- Sitting in one corner will make Jack a dull and boring boy.

11. Why bother?
- no jewels and or gems, but lifetime worth of experience

12. Find work
- Go on a treasure hunt. Look for work from seniors

13. Do Donkey work too
- Yeah yeah, it’s boring. But sure shot way to be successful someday!

14. Be on time
- no ones likes to see a red mark in the attendance manual

15. First impression
- Wear good clothes.
- Take a bath for a change and don’t pick your nose

16. Observe
- What is not learnt by mugging up is learnt by observing

17. Enjoy
- After Internship, it’s all targets, targets and targets!

18. Don't misuse
- Office internet, phone and printer is OFFICE Internet, phone and printer

19. Don't use LOL
- Email in English. U r not in a chat room.

20. Pardon your French
- Use Fish instead of F***

21. Attend meetings
- Request to be called for meetings. And don’t yawn there...

22. Be Yourself
- You are not Justin Beiber. Or ladg Gaga. Don’t try to be.

22 things to do during your internship program

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