Real Hourly Minimum Wages Around The World

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Australia might have the highest hourly minimum wage in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive places in the world to live. $16 in Australia doesn’t buy as much stuff as it does in the U.S. When you adjust Australia’s hourly minimum wage for buying power, or Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), that $16 is worth only about $9.77 -- which is still quite a bit higher than the U.S. hourly minimum wage of $7.25. The country with the highest “real” minimum wage is Luxembourg: $10.37 after being adjusted for PPP. Only nine countries had a higher real minimum wage than the U.S.’, according to OECD data.




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Adjusting for purchasing power parity: Real Minimum Wages Once you factor in buying power and cost of living, Australia's $16 minimum wage -- the highest in the world -- isn't actually as good as it sounds. Here's a comparison of the hourly minimum wage in 26 countries, adjusted for purchasing power parity: $7.59 Canada Actual min. wage $9.75 $7.25 United States $0.80 Mexico min. wage $0.55 $2.80 Chile Actual min. wage $2.15 $4.86 South Korea min. wage $3.98 $3.95 Turkey min. wage $2.69 $4.88 Israel min. wage $5.69 $6.29 Japan min. wage $9.24 $9.77 Australia min. wage $16.00 $8.17 New Zealand min.wage $10.73 Key: Lower adjusted minimum wage than the U.S. $10 $5 $1 Higher adjusted minimum wage than the U.S. $8.24 United Kingdom min.wage: $9.38 $3.04 Czech Rep. min. wage: $2.15 $2.53 Estonia min. wage: $2.06 $9.25 Netherlands min. wage: $10.47 $8.97 Ireland min. wage: $10.93 $4.19 Poland min. wage: $2.56 $6.50 Austria min. wage: $7.23 $9.46 Belgium min. wage: $10.99 $3.19 Slovak Rep. min. wage: $2.38 $3.83 Portugal min. wage: $3.49 $6.12 Slovenia min. wage: $5.50 $3.47 Hungary min. wage: $2.42 $4.55 Spain min. wage: $4.63 $10.17 France min. wage: $11.73 $10.37 Luxembourg min. wage: $13.35 $4.28 Greece min. wage: $4.28