Magento vs osCommerce vs OpenCart – A Comparison

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If you are looking for a CMS for your e-commerce store, you are probably struggling with the same issue as many other businessmen – which CMS is suitable for your business? Even though you have spent countless hours exploring various possible options, you haven’t been able to make a decision yet. Well, Forix is here to make your decision easy. As one of the leading e-commerce solution providers in Portland, we decided to take our expertise on the subject, and simplify your decision with an infographic that compares the 3 leading content management systems – Magento, osCommerce and OpenCart. Get an overview of the e-commerce industry, evaluate various CMSs, make an easy decision and take a confident step toward setting up your first online store. The information graphic presents an in-depth comparison of the features of the 3 CMSs in the form of a chart for quick comparison. It is filled with critical information, statistics and illustrations such as the date of release of the CMS, the latest version, the platform used and the number of websites using it. The infographic also provides useful market share statistics of various content management systems. Based on the analysis and research data, Magento, with a market share of 23%, has a competitive advantage over other top CMSs. Following Magento, (with margins of difference of more than 14%) are osCommerce and OpenCart with market shares of 8% and 6% respectively.





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