Important SEO Trends in 2012 & 2013


Post Panda & Penguin updates, SEO in 2012 is becoming challenging as this is not any more a child’s play. The scenario is massivley changing day by day and real expertise or innovative startegy is required to achive better rankings in Search. Also similar to branding, right SEO needs time & patience to build up. The earlier days are gone!!!!

Humanized Ranking
Search Engines will look more and more to humans for ranking, both in the shot and long terms — this means both social media and using more human Relevancy qualiy testers. Google is already using such factors for more ‘real-time" search, this is the short term aspect to some extent, so expect to see links with long term longevity on social networks rank higher and reciprocal web page
links matter less.

Quality and not Quantity
All search engines have been known to at some point use quantity of pages to mean the quality is high. Most now do not, and with Google Panda 2 even more focus is on the quality and freshness of the content. This matches in with point one of social longevity being the key, as it means the quality must be pretty good.

Voice Search
Now searching device is going faster changes.instead of web-browsing, people are looking for direct answer in search options. The search engine are able to extent in its infancy

Mobile Search
whether it'’s through talking to your phone, using social networks or tapping a search into your phone. in 2012 you can expect a huge expansion in the mobile search market. No longer is digital marketing for those who have a computer or tablet ... mobile search is here to stay and this will likely get to be the biggest search medium

SEO Patterns
1. Social media will be an even bigger factor in Google’s algorithm
2. The search results page will continue to feature less organic rankings & more paid
3. Paid search will become more important in supporting SEO efforts
4. Spammy SEO practices will get targeted even harder
5. SEO will become even more competitive than ever

CRO will be the Buzzword
Conversions in 2012 will be more important, than volume of traffic. If quality of traffic is the best then conversion would be maximum. So the trend would be again quality /qualified traffic over quantity of traffic.

Social Media
2012 will see a different transformation, though along the same lines. In 2012 SEO’s will become more SMO’s (social media optimisers), with a broader focus not just on the on-page factors of SEO but also the off-site marketing with social integration at it’s heart.

Personalized Search
With Gioogle now holding keys to a great social network you can expect more undercover changes in rankings and more personalisation of search, making the job of the "old style seo” much harder.

Link Building Techniques
It's no secret Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages. lf a web page attracts links from other pages Google’s algorithm, the software it uses to rank pages and decide which page is number one for a search result. increases the importance of a page.

Rich Snippet
With one small recent change. Google has made it very easy to get your author photo in search results. 2012 will be the year this absolutely takes off. In fact, it will become a competitive disadvantage to publish without author information accompanying the Google result.

Google Search Result Position No.1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 page 2

Decline CTR for Top Rank
The upper study shows no one stable in no.1 position. CFR of 42% coming down to 3% in just 8 years.

Long Detailed Posts Win
Google has always appreciated longer. — more detailed posts whenever it makes. Making the guide more comprehensive wosild be good for you. instead of breaking it up into many smaller chunks. Long posts have an added advantage of lateral search indexing which helps Google classify the content more accurately.So whenever possible, even In the world of 140 characters and status updates, longer and comprehensive content win in the end.

Title Tag and Headings
Title tags are still very important. This means you should be able to define a topic in a crisp manner, which also excites and induces the reader to read (click) the article that you have written.
As for the heading tags, search engines still give a good deal of importance to these. It also makes logical sense for an article to be split up into different parts.

Domain Authority: Still the Trump Card
As much as social media is changing the SEO game, good old cbssic domain authority is still the heavyweight in the room, And it will be for sometime,with
Google.The link graph is still the most reliable set of ranking signals.

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Important SEO Trends in 2012 & 2013

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