How Does Google PageRank Work?

Understanding Google PageRank…
n. PageRank (pag) (rangk)-
A 0-10 score assigned by Google that rates the popularity of an indexed web page based on the number & type of external links pointing to that page.
(abbr. PR)


Your posse = Sites like you
The high school principal = .edu websites
The jocks and cheerleaders = PR 5 or higher
The followers = PR 4 sites
The drama crowd = PR 2-3 sites
The marching band = PR 0-1 sites
The outcasts = Spam sites

PageRank Requires The Right Votes
Consider who links to you because links are like votes. If your main votes for Prom King come from the marching band and the drama club, you won’t win the crown. Similarly, links from low PR sites hold less clout for Google.

The Right Votes Lead to Many Followers
If popular people vote for you, your chances of winning Prom King increase, especially when followers follow their lead. Similarly, Google trusts high PR sites. If they link to you, they are vouching for you, which increases your own PR. Like hanging with the right crowd, their popularity will rub off on you.

PageRank Takes Into Account Who is Voting for You
If the principal wants you to win, then maybe he’ll fix the results in your favor. Google trusts authority websites, like those that end in a .edu or .gov more than .com. The more links you get from one of these sites, the better.

Google puts more trust in links from sites similar to you than from sites not like you. Why? If your friends won’t even vote for you to be Prom King, then why should others?

Sometimes, guilt by association can be very damaging and not just to your social status in school. Google might start to see your site as spammy if you get a lot of links from spammy sites like link farms.

How People Vote for You Can Affect Your Overall Score
Sometimes students can vote for multiple people at once which gives more people a chance at the crown. This means that one person’s vote is less valuable, as they are giving it to other people as well. Similarly, if you have a link from a page with multiple links, the amount of PageRank that comes from that page is split up among the links.

If You Vote for Me & I Vote for You, Our Votes Cancel Each Other Out
= 0
Someone running for Prom King might be tempted to promise a friend that he’ll vote for them if they vote for him. In the end though, these two votes just cancelled each other out. Similarly, Google notices when you trade links, and even with 3-way link exchanges, they tend to cancel those links out.

Achieving The Best & Most Votes, Will Lead to Success
+ + + + =
In the end, the most votes will get you the crown, but the best votes are what lead the way. If you get high PR sites linking to you, they will always be more valuable then a large amount of links from low PR sites. This is because, like a popularity contest, you always need the popular people on your side first.

How Does Google PageRank Work?

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