The History of HTML5 in Line with Popular Culture Events

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This info deals with the history of HTML, the computer mark-up language that programmers and developers use to build websites. HTML5 took over from its predecessor, HTML4 in 2008 but is still under development. If you want to find out more about the history of HTML (and the internet in general), then this infographic has all the important events dated along a time line. Interestingly, this one also has various happenings in the world of celebrity included on the time line so that you can relate every event in the history of computers to something that was going on in the real world at that time.




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the history of HTML5 in line with Popular Culture Events Before HTML The internet did not exist.We don't know what people did back then but it probably involved hunting,fishing,making beaded jewelry and telling stories 'round the campfire'. 1980 ENQUIRE Tim Berners-Lee builds a new system which facilitates sharing and updating information among researchers. He names it: ENQUIRE Who shot J.R.? Millions tune in to the TV soap opera 'Dallas' to find out who shot J.R.Ewing 1982DNS Jon Postel and Paul Mockapetris invent the 'Domain Name System' (DNS) ET phones home- His mom is relieved to finally hear from him 1989 HTML Tim Berners-Lee invents 'HTML' (Hyper Text Markup Language) 'The Simpsons'debut on Fox - Raises standard of comedy TV,lowers standard of Americans dads 1990 The Launches Tim's web browser prototype is launched on the NEXT computer MC Hammer changes the face of music history with his new release 'U Can't Touch This' Iconic TV series 'Twin Peaks', 'Law and Order' and 'Beverly Hills 90210'air 1991 First Website The first is created,introducing its visitors to the world wide web, how to use a browser and how to set up a server Nirvana's 2nd album,'Never mind',is released- The Grunge movement starts;the whole "showers and haircuts" fad ends 1993 HTML specification & the birth of Explorer A new language is born and the World Wide Web consortium is formed The movie 'Indecent Proposal' is released,making women all over the world wonder: "what would I have done" Beavis and Butt-Head start a revolution of nose picking,farting and ridiculous chuckles on MTV 1995 IE Microsoft releases their first version of Internet Explorer O.J. Simpson is deemed "not guilty"- Yeah, we still can't believe it either 1996 Meet the Opera browser IE becomes available for Windows & Macintosh OS and a new web browser called Opera is launched Teen horror flick 'Scream' is released, reviving the dying genre and earning more than $173 million 'Wannable' - The debut song by British pop group Spice Girls is released 1997-1998 New releases for HTML and IE A new version of HTML and IE 4.0 is launched and include a lot of difficult abbreviations,involving tags and style sheets (We'll spare you the details, we know you're only reading the column on the right) Larry Page and Sergey Brin launch Google from their garage- The rest is history 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'is published in the UK- Adult literacy levels drop The 'Titanic' crashes into theatres - Our hearts have gone on... and...on 2000-2004 Meet the new kids on the block XHTML is published (2000). Safari is born (2003),followed by Firefox (2004). IE reaches 96% browser shar (100% among every parent in the world) Wikipedia launches (2001)-The platform that makes us smart Facebook launches (2004)- The platform that makes us stupid 2005 AJAX The term 'AJAX' (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is coined by Jesse James Garrett,for better user experience with faster loading time 'Mr.& Mrs. Smith' is released - Brangelina is formed 2008 It's cool time! Google Chrome is born and HTML5 releases its first version 'Breaking Dawn'- The last book in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer is published, leading the way to millions of girls moaning every time a pale young vamp is seen on screen 2009 XHTML is dead,long live HTML5 Meanwhile, Firefox 3.5 surpasses IE 7 and 8 in browser share The end of an era - Michael Jackson has left the building 2010 Curtain's down on Flash Steve Jobs' 'Thought on Flash' article is published on Apple's website. Adobe announces there won't be a new version for Flash 15 year old Justin Bieber releases his debut album 'My World 2.0' - Billions around the world embrace a ridiculous haircut Now-a-days- HTML5 is here to stay Even though HTML5 has been well known among developers for years,it becomes the biggest topic of mainstream media. HTML5 is so HOT right now!