The Apple Timeline

1983: Apple Lisa

1984: Macintosh 128K

1985: Aldus Pagemaker

1985: APple LaserWriter

1986: Mac Plus

1987: Mac II

1989: Mac Portable

1990: Mac Classic

1991: Apple StyleWriter

1991: PowerBook

1992: PowerBook Duo

1993: Mac Centris

1994: Power Macintosh 8100

1995: Power Mac clone

1997: 20th Anniversary Mac

1997: PowerBook G3

1997: PowerMac G3

1998: iMac

1999: AirPort

1999: MacBook

2000: G4 Cube

2000: Mac OSX

2001: PowerBook G4

2002: iMac

2003: PowerMac G5

2006: MacBook

2006: Wireless Mighty Mouse

2008: iMac

2008: MacBook Air

2008: MacBook

The Apple Timeline

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Apple Computers is not only a front-runner in the technological sphere, it is also an icon to consumers worldwide. Since 1983's Apple Lisa, the company has been churning out product after product, wit...
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