The 20-Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

20-Minutes or Less
SEO Audit Checklist

1 Web Browser

. You can expose crawling issues by
disabling JavaScript and cookies in
your browser settings.

. Make sure that the website is not
cloaking content.

2 Homepage

. First impressions are lasting impressions.
so check your website meticulously for

. Note any thoughts/emotions that run
through you as examine the website.
Find out why you feet negative or positive
about different areas. Address problems.

. Test for visitor-experience issues by
turning JavaScript off/on on browser.

. Make sure website does not have the
following canonical issues:

1. WWW and non-WWW versions of
your website
2. A homepage URL that redirects
to another domain
3. Title tags that are poorly written
and/or duplicated elsewhere

3 Global Navigation

. This is the set of links found in the
navigation header and footer bars.

. Inspect your global navigation for missing
or broken links with JavaScript turned off
in your browser.

Categories &

. Every category/subcategory page should
have a definable purpose. Then, justify
that purpose with well-written content.

. Evaluate the category/subcategory Links
for the following:
1. Do links point to the correct pages?
2. Is there excessive hyperlinking
to irrelevant pages?
3. Is effective anchor-text nomenclature
being employed for backlinks?

5 Optimized Web Content

. Make sure the following elements have been optimized:

1. Title tags
2. Meta descriptions
3. URLs
4. Alt-image tags
5. H1 & H2 tags
6. Limited use of Flash/Javascript

6 Off-Page SEO

. Use Open Site Explorer to pull important
metrics about the website. Compare the
metrics to its competitors.

. Use a keyword-tracking tool to see that
your whole website has been indexed,
and that it ranks for competitive

. Check for duplicate content because you
don’t want your open pages competing
with each other, nor do you want your site
penalized by search engines for plagiarism.

<> http://www.inmotionhosting (1)


Is your site

1. Would you trust the information
presented on this website?
2. Would you refer the website to a
friend or relative?
3. Would you give the website your
credit-card number?


Maximize your site for
1. Is content placement logical?
2. Are the text blocks too chunky?
3. Are the columns too wide?
4. Is the line height appropriate?
5. Are there any distracting


[title] tags should be properly formatted for
SEO best practices, keyword-specific and no more than 75
characters in length.

[meta description] well-written descriptions can influence click-through rates, which is a confirmed ranking factor.


http://www.inmotionhosting [Search]


Page Authority
Domain Authority
Link Root Domains
Total Links
Anchor Text Distribution of inbound Links
Facebook Shares
Facebook Likes
Googte +1

Common indexation issues:

1. Web page has a noindex tag.
2. A sitemap has not been submitted
to the search engines.
3. Improper editing of robot.txt file.
4. Website has been banned from
the SERPs by the search engines.

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The 20-Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

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