Talent Management Challenges In Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

The Kapta team has been conducting detailed interviews with Human Resources leaders and managers in our target market: organizations with fewer than 500 employees. We have interviewed over 100 HR vice presidents, directors, and managers in the following locations: Colorado, California, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Globally, we have spoken with HR professionals in the UK, Germany, Egypt, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Israel and India.



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Performance Review Processes & Talent Management Challenges in Small Businesses 76% Female 24% Male We conducted interviews with organziations in the following industries: Finance Hospitality Internet Services High-Tech Marketing Manufacturing Education Professional Services Retail Non-Profit With: CEOs(2%), VPs(17%), Directors (31%), Managers (25%), Consultants (16%), Others (9%) Requirements for a Performance Management System: When talking with potential customers about what they would look for in a performance review system, we consistently heard the following requirements: 1. Simplicity 2. Easy to Use, Intuitive 3. Encourages managers to have performance conversations with employees. Most employees are asked to perform self assessments 95% Review Cycles and Timing: 34% Cycle based on hire date, 66% Focal review cycle. 60% Performance reviews are done annually 25% Reviews are conducted more than once a year. 15% Do not conduct formal reviews 85% Keep paper copies of the revies. Performance Review Tools 54%Pen and Paper 23%An automated system provided by their payroll vendor or PEO 22%A Commercial Software 16% Track goals and performance separately 64% Use comptencies in performance reviews Most track between 3 & 7 competencies 18% Want to have performance appraisals integrated into an HR suite. 44% Prefer best-of-breed systems. 38% No opinion or it depends. 64% or would use Social Performance Management Tools 84% Most reviews determine bonus pays and salary increases. 32% are satisfied with their current review system or approach. The favorite reporting tool: Microsoft Excel The 5-Point Rating Scale is the most common system. Main benefits of frequent performance reviews More dialogue between managers and employees. Better tracks the dynamic nature of business Performance issues are identified faster. Top benefits of automating performance reviews: Increase employee engagement Make better business decisions Lower costs.