SME Data Backup: The Shocking Facts

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Information in our infographic was gathered from a range of sources including Computer weekly, Eurpoa EU, Mass mail software, Boston Computing, Perfect Back up and Symantec. We have researched some of the best articles online for our latest Infographic, pulling in some of the scariest facts in order to present the main issues with SME backup or the lack of it. We also hope to visually present those issues in an interesting format so that more businesses can make an informed decision on moving forward with their data protection. The backup methods of small, medium and enterprise businesses are quite well documented. We have worked to bring you some of the most interesting and at times most shocking facts and practices of SME’s. It is quite surprising how many risks are taken each day by SME’s sometimes businesses are just unaware of the consequences of their current back up methods and by presenting this data we hope many businesses will now wise up to the importance of their data and save money, time and potentially their businesses future by implementing a secure and appropriate data recovery plan. Edge IT support can provide backup solutions and offer you a safe and reliable way to keep your all important data protected, backed up and stored. With minimal fuss you can have peace of mind, assured in the knowledge that your data is securely protected and easily retrievable should the need arise. Edge IT Support are SME specialists already helping a range of small to medium businesses secure their future, contact us today to see how we can safeguard yours.




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