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The Quest For "Great" Content

THE QUEST FOR “GREAT" CONTENT 11 There is no question that content marketing is a popular and effective strategy that marketers are using to engage a growing Internet audience. However, just like any new and effective tactic, there are considerable growing pains that marketers are experiencing as they try to meet this growing demand. Global Internet Penetration Rate by Region N. America 81% W. Europe 78% Oceania 63% E. Europe 54% East Asia 48% S. America 47% Mid - East 37% C. America 34% C. Asia 29% 25% S.E. Asia Africa 18% S. Asia 12% 1. Source: Internet World Stats; We Are Social; CNNIC: ITU; CIA 1,217 Marketers Were Asked: Is your B2B content marketing spending going to increase or decrease over the next 12 months? 35% of the world's population use the Internet Increase Marketing professionals are well aware of the full penetration of the internet, and their shift has focused to Internet advertising accordingly. Remain The Same 32% Increase A Lot 48% 77% of developed world has Internet Unsure 10% 8% Decrease 1% 2. Source: 2014 B2B Content Marketing Institute: "Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends-North America 440 Marketers Were Asked: Web Traffic Which criteria do you use to measure content marketing success? Sales Lead Quality 60% 56% 50% 50% Sales Lead Quantity 40% 37% Direct Sales 31% 30% 30% 25% 25% Inbound Links 20% Social Engagement 10% SEO Ranking 0% 3. Source: B2B Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time Who Owns It? 52 Marketing Agencies and in-house 48 marketers were asked 23 A mixture of departments which department within their / client organization(s) typically owns content marketing? 23 Editorial 10 PR/ communications Agency 2 E-commerce In-House/Brand No ownership In spite of content's importance, out of 1,013 in-house respondents, and 450 agency respondents, only 6 4 2 Content marketing department claimed an in-house Other 2 content department. 4. Source: Econsultancy, Outbrain 10 40 50 60 High quality content is in high demand, and marketers need a lot of it. However, very few companies have departments that are strictly responsible for producing the quality of content that they say they plan on investing in. Introducing specialized content teams may be a solution. The "Wikipedias" PageRank* The "Whitehouse.govs" The "Mashables" 34.3 38.4 Authority Bloggers 3.3 Brands, Ecomm, B2B Small Niche Bloggers The SEO Connection 3.9 3.9 One of the key performance 8.1 indicators of most content marketing is SEO improvement. Inbound links that a piece of content generates, will increase a websites 1.6 1.6 1.6 "PageRank". Knowing how to perform and track SEO is a specialized skill. 1.6 1.6 One Way Inbound Links *The Internet as a simple network Content Marketing 69% claim not enough time to produce Should Be Is Frequently content but Entertaining Interruptive Marketers are experiencing new challenges to meeting the new and high demand of quality content. Organically Fun Sponsored Meticulously Done Cheap Quality 47% Educational Promotional have trouble Good Storytelling producing engaging content Overly Branded 5. Source: CMI Content Reporting Content Promotion Internet Audience SEO benefits, social benefits Without promotion, most content referral traffic, conversion rates will be ineffective. A tree in the and sales data that show the woods that nobody will hear fall. effectiveness of your content, Sometimes the difference between "good" and "great" content is the person promoting it. infographic Your Content White Paper blog post Outreach Paid discovery I Social Media | links shares visits Content Strategy In order for your content team to be successful, you must first have an understanding of who will have individual ownership of all the moving parts of a content strategy. Strategy Creative Lack of Lack of Creative Results Success Metrics EFFECTIVE Promotion CONTENT Reporting Analytics Outreach & Lack of A content team is much more than just the art and copy that compose the piece. Creative, promotion, and reporting are all essential pieces of the puzzle. & Reporting Quality Promotion At its core, investing in content marketing means more than just investing in content, it means investing in people and their creative strengths. Where will you make your investment? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. WPROM OTE ONLINE MARKETING 30 20 share or respondents

The Quest For "Great" Content

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Content marketing as a practice of selling a brand or products through storytelling predates the internet, however the internet has breathed new and vibrant life into this old medium, with Marketers r...






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