Press Release Dos and Don'ts

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Dos and Don'ts


Answer the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why

Send news worth bragging about

Include a quote from a top executive

Include your website, social media networks, phone number

Include a media contact

Write in the third person

Include photos, videos, infographics and/or logos (they're shared 3.5 times more than text-only) - PR Newswire

Use bullets to break up long blocks of text

Have a boilerplate, aka "About Company" section

Follow proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Include a dateline "SAN FRANCISCO - Skadeedle breaks records today."

Use a tool to identify relevant journalists (Cision, Meltwater News, Muck Rack, Press Pass)

Follow the AP Stylebook or Chicago Manual of Style

Create a catchy news headline

Get a second set of eyeballs to proof

Keep the headline between 60 and 80 characters, not including spaces

Consider sending through a newswire service

Include linked search engine optimization keywords (one per 100 words)


Assume everyone will read every word

Exaggerate or make false claims

Distribute the same press release twice

Use slang, industry jargon or acronyms

Send to journalists who don't cover your industry

Leave out source credit

Belabor the point

Try to directly sell your product/service

Write more than 800 words

Use exclamation marks!

Blast in a "cc" or "bcc" email

Link to unreliable/unprofessional websites

Bury quotes within long paragraphs

Use hyperbole

Bury the point of your press release

Trash your competitors

Use "you," "we" or "I" - except in a quote


Press Release Best Practices

Dos and Don'ts for Writing a Press Release

San Francisco, May 29, 2013 -- Your press release should begin with a strong introductory paragraph that captures the reader's attention and contains the information most relevant to your message. Always try to include the "Five Ws" of good journalism - Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Press Release Dos and Don'ts

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Follow these dos and don’ts the next time you’re crafting up a press release and you’ll be on your way to press stardom:
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