The Perfect Modern Resume

Crafting the Perfect Modern Resume
The day and age of education and job history resumes are long-gone. Today's successful resumes are social, interactive and are brought to life for all those reading it.

Digital Text:
In a digital world, text becomes much more than letters, words, and sentences on a page. The phrases come alive, grab attention and guide the hiring professional through your resume.

Fonts & Typefaces Matter:
Use fonts that are easy to read on a screen. Use Georgia, not Times New Roman. Georgia was designed to be read on screens and it is available on any computer. Adjust leading, or line spacing, to 120% of the font size. Refrain from using indentations, they cause the eye to wander around the page.

Themes & Storylines:
Movies and books rely on plots to move the story forward. Resumes also should rely on themes to convey certain "stories" about the person seeking employment. Focus on what you are known for or relevant career accomplishments. Instead of an objective statement, write a profile that focuses on the benefits an employer would gain from hiring you. Omit anything that does not support the central storyline of the resume. Spend majority of your time custom writing your resume so that your accomplishments are written specifically for the job responsibilities. Help the employer paint the picture, don't leave it to them to draw conclusions.

Be Creative and Innovative:
The ready availability of modern technology allows those seeking a new job to present themselves in ways like never before. Modern technology makes it easy to embed a photo into resumes. Photos can add personality to your resume. Hypertext links can direct potential employers to online portfolios, writing samples, and other supporting materials. Charts and other images can highlight career accomplishments.

Creative Formats:
Resumes are no longer limited to the old, standard formats. Today's job seekers are being more creative than ever before, and delivering pertinent job histories in exciting new ways. Online resumes are searchable and offer increased interactive elements, including video. Infographic resumes highlight creativity and design skills. Flash resumes are another way you can show your creativity, personality and computer skills.

Video is Real:
Video resumes are growing in popularity and offer a good way to display your personality and stand apart from the crowd. YouTube search for "video resume" reveals 66,900 results. Keep the video short. Describe the value you bring to a position. Explain why you are the best for the job. Use a storytelling format. Take your time to do it right before uploading to YouTube.

Social Networks:
Social networks can help or hinder your chances of getting a job or getting into the college or education program best suited for your career. The wrong image in social media can torpedo an otherwise stellar resume. 45% of employers view potential candidates online. 24% said they made a hire after reviewing a social media profile. 33 of employers admitted they decided to not offer a job after reviewing a social media profile. 26% of colleges are using web searches to evaluate candidates for special programs. 1 in 10 college admissions offices state they have visited prospective students' pages, and 38% said they were negatively impacted by the content of those pages.

More Social Presence:
Social presence is becoming a critical aspect of the job search. A few basic points will make certain social media works to the job seeker's advantage. Use you profile headline and hot links to sell yourself and reinforce your successes. Use a hot link on your LinkedIn profile to direct an HR executive to your online portfolio or professional blog. Keep your LinkedIn profile fresh and up to date. Employers indicate LinkedIn is an easy resource for researching candidates. Make sure your profile photo is professional and appropriate for the workplace.

Some Things Never Change:
Modern technology should be used to enhance and modernize a resume, but here are elements that remain consistent. The resume should be tailored to the position for which a person is applying. A strong cover letter that is well-written, concise, and includes a call to action should be included. Demonstrate traits with specific work experience and accomplishments. Avoid cliches and vague words like aggressive, goal-oriented, hard-working, professional, flexible, and reliable. Avoid careless errors in spelling and grammar.

The modern resume is changing and evolving. While it may seem daunting to some, it offers the opportunity to combine creativity and personality with education and work history, giving an applicant and edge over others seeking the same position.

The Perfect Modern Resume

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An infographic explaining how to create the "perfect modern resume" utilizing current technologies and trends.
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