Mobile Banking Statistics

The Kids Are Alright
Gen Y has taken mobile banking by storm

Mobile Banking on the Rise
Sep ‘10
Jun ‘11
In 9 months, there was a 9% increase in mobile bankers
39.1% of mobile bankers own a smartphone
20% increase of mobile bankers using apps from Sept ’10 to Jun ‘11

Generation Y Taking Over
59% of mobile bankers are 18-34
Members of Gen Y are twice as likely to be a mobile banker
4 out of 5 members of Gen Y have a checking account
The aggregate personal income of members of Gen Y was $2.4 trillion in 2010 and is projected to be $8.3 trillion in 2025
Nearly 1 in 3 members of Gen Y review account balances more than 8 times a month

Personal Finance Managers
How Gen Y uses their PFMS
Compare items while shopping
Track loyalty and gift cards
Purchase tickets

What Gen Y Expects From Their PFMS
Categorize spending
Create budgets
Send alerts
ID ways to save

Mobile Banking Statistics

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In the past few years mobile banking has exploded, and mainly with generation x. This infographic will break down the statistics.
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