Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Any Situation

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This infographic illustrates how job seekers can read the most common types of interviewers and how to succeed in the process.


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JOB INTERVIEWING 101 How to Succeed in Any Situation With the average employer receiving more than 100 applications per job opening, how can you stand out if you get an interview? Read your interviewer! Most common Types of Interviews IN-PERSON AVG. DURATION :40 TIP Dress appropriately, show up on time, and bring extra copies of your resume and supporting documents. PHONE AVG. DURATION :30 TIP Standing up while you speak can help you articulate better. TESTING TIP Strengthen your skills so that you won't be caught unprepared. VIDEO 60% Managers who conduct video interviews TIP Make sure your equipment, lighting, and sound are functioning properly. GROUP Department heads are more willing to spend 1 hr in a group interview of 12 candidates than to set aside 12 hrs for one-on-one conversations. TIP Pay attention to what other candidates are saying and build on their responses. What Types of Interviewers Could You Encounter? The ROBOT Unenthusiastic about creating a connection, they just want to fill the position TIP Convey your work ethic and illustrate how it has made you successful. The BORED SUPERVISOR 21% Candidates who reported employers were not enthusiastic about their company TIP Excite by showcasing your work history and your plans for the position. The INTIMIDATOR May press you on your professional history, creating stress and nerves GRRRRR! TIP Maintain focus and offer proven stories that show why you're right for the job. The CLUELESS BOSS DUNCE 17% Candidates who didn't believe the employer was knowledgable TIP Maintain your composure and show your expertise and professionalism. The YOUNGSTER 34% 15% U.S. workers who say they have a younger boss Work for someone at least 10 years younger TIP Younger workers tend to learn visually - illustrate your expertise with a portfolio. The NICE GUY Relatable, listens, and makes you feel welcome in the organization TIP Always steer the conversation back to the job if it becomes too casual. The DETAIL-ORIENTED BOSS Stickler for plans, numbers, attribution, and the bottom line TIP Use specifics to explain your successes so they can see why you're the right fit. The INNOVATOR Sees the big picture and isn't afraid to take risks TIP Be prepared with fresh ideas that prove your expert knowledge of the industry. The SEASONED CEO 57% CEOs that have started more than one company TIP Bring a plan to the interview that shows your ideas for the position. BE PREPARED, READ YOUR INTERVIEWER, AND WIN THE JOB!