How To Start An Affiliate Program: 51 Point Checklist

How To Start An Affiliate Program

51 Point Checklist



1 Who are your customers?

2 Who are your competitors?

3 Research affiliate programs run by your competitors

Public or Private program?

Which Software/Network used?

How do affiliates join?

Commission type and amount?

How much revenue do affiliates drive?

4 Setup Your Goals

Who are your affiliates?

How many affiliates do you want?

How much revenue are you expecting per affiliate?

Target a percentage of revenue through affiliates

5 Do your calculations (use Excel)

Total affiliates expected

Commissions paid out

Total affiliate revenue

Total profit


Net profit

6 Setup a budget

Amount spend for attracting new affiliates

Amount/Percentage spend for affilate payouts

Amount spend for prizes, bonuses, incentives


7 Choose your Affiliate Management Platform:

Affiliate Network

In House Affiliate Management

Outsourced Program Management

8 Choose your Commission Model

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPS (Pay Per Sale)

PPL (Pay Per Lead)

9 Fix the payment terms

Minimum amount for payout

Payment cycle: NET15, NET30, NET60

Payment method(s)

10 Finalize the Commission Amount

Fixed amount

Percentage of Sale


11 Create a Search Marketing Policy

12 Create a Trademark Usage Policy for affiliates

13 Create an "Affiliate Program" Page on your website

14 Create a policy for fraud orders

15 Create a policy for refunded orders

16 Create an 'Affiliate Agreement' merging all these policies

17 Create promo banners and logos that affiliates can use

18 Create reprint articles, brandable reports, and email promos

19 Invite your own customers to Join Your Affiliate Program

Attract Affiliates

20 Introduce the Affiliate Program on your Blog

21 Announce the Affiliate Program on your Blog

22 Promote it to your Fans and Followers (Facebook and Twitter)

23 Reach out to affiliates directly via Affiliate Forums

24 Submit your affiliate program to different Affiliate Directories

25 Seek joint venture partners and contact them individually

26 Use Affiliate recruitment agencies


27 Approve affiliate applications manually to filter the genuine ones

28 Send a welcome email to all of your affiliates

29 Provide them direct contact details of their Affiliate Manager

30 Send Weekly/Monthly Newsletter to your affiliate base announcing new promotions and suggesting ways to promote your product

31 Run Incentive based contests for affiliates


32 Provide them tools and tips to increase conversion rate

33 Communicate with affiliates personally

34 Provide promotional material


Banners and Logos


35 Special Treatment for high performing affiliates

Special Coupons

Personalized mails


36 Keep a close watch on daily clicks, conversions, and EPC

37 Match conversions in your affiliate program with your CRM

38 Reject conversions that are marked as fraud in your CRM

39 Keep a close watch on Traffic: countries, referring URL's, promotional methods


40 Check exact payments (Keep in mind refunds, fraud transactions)

41 Pay affiliates on time based on payment cycle

42 Incentives, bonuses can be paid out based on payment cycle

43 Track all sales by affiliates

44 Track conversion rates for all affiliates

Moving Forward >>

45 Learn from their sales process and improve other marketing channels

46 Prepare a list of Blacklisted Affiliates

47 Evaluate current affiliate promo materials

48 Replace expired materials if required

49 On-going market analysis of competitors

50 Drive new affiliates consistently

51 Keep your affiliates happy



Increased Payouts


Easiest way to start an Affiliate Program

How To Start An Affiliate Program: 51 Point Checklist

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Many online merchants have not yet used the power of affiliate marketing in their business. Simply starting an affiliate program can increase your bottom line by several percentage points. Here's how ...
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