How to spend your marketing budget in 2013

How To Spend Your

Marketing Budget In


(just in case the world doesn���t end)

We surveyed experts from across the spectrum of marketing agencies with a series of questions asking them how you should spend your marketing budget in 2013. Here are our results:

A channel that requires Σ10,000 for a

return of Σ20,000 may not be as

profitable as some of the cheaper and

more accessible channels available to you.


Think beyond the click

Identify your purchasing audience and ensure all marketing integrates and

re-inforces the message whichever the medium.

What form of marketing brings the biggest ROl?

Good ROI

Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per Click

Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Public Relations

Direct Mail Marketing

Twitter Marketing


Real World Posters

Cold Call Phone Marketing

Mobile Text Marketing

Radio Advertising

TV Advertising

-8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 9 10


My main thought in answering these is the final ROl 'depends on how well you do it' and how much your provider charges!

The main thing is execution. Most channels for marketing can be made work if executed correctly. Also the links between different channels is important.


How should you split up a Σ100,000 budget?

We asked the same questions to all our participants.

Imagine a company that produces a designer toaster, they are B2C, and they have a marketing budget of Σ100000 for 2013.

Pay Per Click Σ17000

Online PR Σ11,600

SEO Σ9,900

Social Media Σ9,900

Email Lists / Marketing Σ9,800

Display / Banner Ads Σ8,800

Print Ads Σ7,000

TV Σ6,500

Trade Channels Σ6,500

Buffer / Retargeting Σ5,700

Instore Ads Σ3,500

Mobile / Text Ads Σ2,000

CRM Σ1,700


Everything gels together these days. Now with Google considering so many elements, the general buzz and trust around your company is so important.

Set clear objectives in terms of what you are seeking to achieve in advance.

Understand how you will measure success.

dbd media

Search. Social. Analytics.


These findings are averages from the results of 43 companies chosen for the survey. We would like to give a specific thank you to: : providers of world class hosted email marketing software : PPC gurus : Performance driven leading integrated search marketing company : Brighton based leading integrated search marketing company : Boutique consulting company for who want more from their marketing

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How to spend your marketing budget in 2013

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If the world doesn't end in the next couple of days you might want to know how you should spend you marketing budget in 2013. We have surveys experts all across the UK and come up with crowd sourced advice.
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