The History of Advertising

Simple Shapes of Stories
as told by Kurt Vonnegut
fed into the computer by David Yang

G - Good Fortune / Wealth & Boisterous Good Health

B - Beginning ----------------------- E - Electricity

II Fortune / Sickness & Poverty

Man ln Hole
But it needn't be about a man and it needn't be about someone getting into a hole

Start a little above average, why get a depressing person? ---------------> Somebody gets into trouble -----> gets out of it ------------------> People love that story! They never get sick of it!

Boy gets Girl
but it needn't be that, just a way to remember it

Start on an average day, average person, not expect anything to happen, a day like any other. --------------------> Finds something wonderful! --> Just loves it! ---> Oh goddam it! ---> Got it back again ---> People like that..

Most Popular Story In Western Civilization
evertime its retold someone makes a million dollars

Its a little girl...Her mother has died, Her father has remarried a ugly woman with two nasty daughters, two big daughters ---------------> So the fairy godmother comes ---> Gives her shoes ---> Gives her stockings ---> Gives her mascara ---> Gives her means of transportation ---> Goes to the party, dances with the prince, has a swell time, ---> Boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring --->(There's a slight incination to that line as I've drawn it because it takes perhaps 20 seconds, 30 seconds for the grandfather clock to strike 12)---> She poops along on this level until the prince comes along ---> The Shoe fits ---> She achieves off-scale happiness. :)

The History of Advertising

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Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers, or listeners) to take some action with respect. This is a timeline history of advertising.
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