Digital Marketing Budget Trends for 2012

Digital Marketing Budgets

Over the last few years, businesses and marketers have been seeing a tremendous shift away from traditional marketing towards interactive methods like social media, e-mail marketing and search marketing. This shift necessitates serious reconfiguring of marketing budgets. Companies are increasing their budgets for SEO and social media in particular. together, these components make up 70% of online marketing budgets, with online marketing taking up 17% of marketing budgets overall.

Digital marketing spend

41% of companies state they would reduce investment on print media

64% state they will place more investment into social media efforts on their websites such as blogs and product reviews.

64% say they plan to increase budget for SEO

70% of companies say they intend to increase investment on third party social media services such as facebook

over 700,000 local businesses have active pages on facebook

20% of organizations are moving their marketing budgets to digital channels

24% of overall marketing was spent on digital marketing in 2011

17% of companies say they would increase their marketing budget for print media.

Consumer stats

Time Consumers Spent Online Per Day

180+ minutes 35%
60-79 minutes 33%
1-60 minutes 14%
0 minutes 19%

61% of marketers will invest more in earned media in 2011

5% of marketers will invest less in earned media in 2011

# of U.S. Citizens on the FTC's "Do Not Call" List
164,000,000 are internet users

WHat do Citizens do on the Internet?

Check e-mail 94%
Search 87%
Product Search 78%
Get news 75%
Pass time 72%
Buy a product 66%
Social networking 61%
Search "How to" info 59%
Rate product or service 32%

20% of google searches by month are for local businesses

57% of internet users search the web everyday

46% of daily searches are for info on products or services

54% of maketers increased their inbound marketing budget in 2011

Lead Generating Tactices Below Average Cost
percentage of marketing budgets

Inbound Marketing Channel 55% Blogs 47% Social Media 39% SEO 27% PPC
Outbound Marketing Channel 36% Telemarketing 33% Direct Mail 19% Trade Shows

Ad Spending

online ad spending in the U.S. will grow by over 20% in 2011

Projected Ad Spending

2013 $40 Billion
2015 $50 Billion

Mobile ad spending will reach over $1.1 Billion

Social Media Sites That Have Generated Customers for Comanies

Company BLog 57%
Linkedin 57%
Twitter 48%
Facebook 42%

Money Spent to Place Ads on Social Networking Sites $1.4 Billion
By 2012, money spent is expected to reach $2.5 Billion

Registered Users of Location-Aware Social Networks
*data includes subscribers to carrier-based family tracking

2009 $12.3 Milion
2010 $33.2 Million

Focus of Online Marketing Budget in 2011
% of Senior-Level Markters Worldwide

51.1% Search/Keywords
47.6% Website creation/Optimization
38.3% Converting traffic
38.3% Social media
34.8% Website personalization/Targeting
27.3% Online video
22.9% Mobile
22.5% Banner ads
14.5% Behavioral advertising
12.3% Rich media
8.7% Podcasts/webcasts
8.4% No budget

Forcasts for US Interactive Marketing 2012
17% of total adspend for 2012

Search Marketing $24,299 Million [60.3%]
Display Avertising $11,732 Million [29%]
E-mail Marketing $1,676 Million [4.16%]
Social Media $1,649 Million [4.1%]
Mobile Marketing $950 Million [2.36%]

Mobile Marketing

Over 75% of marketers plan to include mobile in their budgets

U.S. Mobile Ad Spending, 2009-2014
Millions and % change

2009 $416.0 [30%]
2010 $743.1 [79%]
2011 $1,102.4 [48%]
2012 $1,501.3 [36%]
2013 $2,036.8 [36%]
2014 $2,549.5 [25%]

80% of major U.S. brands will be using mobile marketing in 2013

in 2013, smartphone users are predicted to reach over 60 million

Digital Marketing Budget Trends for 2012

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Over the last few years, businesses and marketers have been seeing a tremendous shift away from traditional marketing towards interactive methods like social media, email marketing and search marketin...
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