Beyond the SharePoint Basics

This infographic illustrates how the nearly 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint can manage an effective implementation and maximize use of the platform. Asking the question “are you getting the most from SharePoint?” the infographic explores some of the overlooked uses of SharePoint and provides key data points surrounding effective implementation and governance of this prevalent platform. While one in two corporations use SharePoint, only a small percentage (22 percent) have all employees using the tool. The infographic reveals opportunities to further use SharePoint across the enterprise and highlights the ramifications for CIO’s in regulated industries that may not be effectively implementing this type of software platform.




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The Intersect Group BEYOND THE SHAREPOINT BASICS 78% OF THE FORTUNE 500 Who Uses SharePoint? - 1 in 2 Corporations 22% have all employees using the tool Are you getting the most from Sharepoint? A large number of businesses have SharePoint, but few use it to the fullest extent possible and thus do not maximixe the full business value of their investment. Organizations weak in governance face additional risks and rarely realize their full business value. -LACK OF GOVERNANCE -NOT LEVERAGING ITS CAPABILITIES In three years 20% of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to implement the discipline of information governance successfully. LESS THAN 50% of Sharepoint implementations were subject to a formal business case. JUSTHALF OF THOSE REQUIRED A FINANCIAL JUSTIFICATION. Governance Threat Governance and management strategies are frequently overlooked on SharePoint implementations. Theis creates great risk for organizations and impacts their ability to get the full return on their investment on the platform. Leveraging SharePoint to Success ESSENTIAL STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL SHAREPOINT IMPLEMENTATION 1. Establishment of a SharePoint Center of Excellence (CoB) 2. Creation of a feature roadmap that aligns the SharePoint strategy with business objectives. 3. Ability to evolve the platform whihle maintaining control. SharePoint is typically implemented purely for the collaboration with companies frequently overlooking other uses. 78% of the FOrtune 500 use SharePoint on their intranet Only 25-30% use sharepoint for uses other than collaboration The SharePoint adoption gap persists. HOW OFTEN DO YOU USE SHAREPOINT? -34% Once a day or more -16% About once a week -20% About once a month 30% Don't use SharePoint Overlooked Uses of SharePoint -Document/knowledge management -Partner and customer extranets -Knowledge discovery through social interactions. -Intranet portals. -Workflows and business process implementatinos. -Enabling business intelligence reporting SHAREPOINT IS SEVERELY UNDERUTILIZED BY MOST ORGANIZATIONS The Bottom Line Corporations are not leveraging the power of the platform. Unfortunately, this isn't a new issue. bus as Fortune 500 companies continue to examine the bottom line, more will be asking about the ROI. When governed properly and used as the comprehensive and collaborative knowledge management platform it is designed to be, the ROI will be evident immediately. Gartner refers to a Center of Excellence (CoE) as a central cleaning house for knowledge capital. The Intersect Group believes a properly implemented CoE offers transformational collaboration and knowledge management features that will enable and orgranizations to meet their strategic priorities.