Behind Coca-Cola

Behind Coca-Cola

Behind Coca-Cola

The Hidden Face of Your Favorite Drink

4 New labels per year

28 New products per year

900 plants

20,000,000 customers

500 labels

200 Coca Cola's products are marketed in over 200 countries

3.500 products

In 2007 Coca Cola gave 2 millions Euros to WWF

Each second more than 1 million liters are lost by the glaciers.

Christian Cross = 54%

Coca Cola = 94%

Coca Cola's logo is more recognizable for people

Coke is as dangerous as cigarettes (per day)

Coca Cola makes a turnover of 37 billion Euros per year

Only three persons know recipe of Coca Cola

In 1886 Coke contained 9Mg of cocaine per glass

Waste in the World

Three bottles of water for one Coke

Wasted Water 60.5%

Used Water 39.5%

176,000,000,000 liters of water wasted per year

291 billion water

114 billion used

176 billion wasted

7 bottles per day could be given with the waste water of Coca Cola for 51 millions people worldwide who are lacking water

1886 Birth

1937 Coca Cola invented the modern image of Santa Claus

1931 First Coca Cola in Belgium

1941 America is forbidden to export Coke in Europe therefor Fanta was created for export


Sugar 1.7 M T/year

Sugar ingested by the American because of Coke

For each can drunk you should run one hour to eliminate sugar

Consumption in the world

58.1% Coke

41.2% Water

0.7% Juice

Coca Cola drunk per person

France 22.7L per year

US 170L per year

Mexico 225L per year

Mexico: In 2013 7 persons out of 10 are overweight. 10 persons out of 10 are expected to be overweight by 2020.

A glass of Coke 33CL = 7 sugars

A bottle of Coke 2L = 42 sugars

Coke may increase your risk to be obese by 60%

Coca Cola company invests 2 billion in advertising worldwide

Behind Coca-Cola

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This is a datavizualisation of your favorite drink Coca-Cola, the hidden face of Coca-Cola. Would you like drink coke after this? A project realized by Florian Bies, Eric Deloyer, CĂ©lia Samyn & Ev...
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