Apps & Oranges: App Store vs Google Play

My name is Neil Spencer and I'm a communications manager for The Press Shoppe. Apple and Google have such a wild tech rivalry. App Store vs. Google Play — I bet each have a pizza party if they beat out the other in sales for the week. This infographic from Kinvey looks at some of the other more unconventional comparisons between these two giant warriors of tech.





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Apps & Oranges Uncommon Comparisons of the App Store vs. Google Play People love to compare the Appt Store to Google Play, but it seems these comparisons always focus on the same metrics-number of app, rate of growth, sales, in other words, important but predictable metrics, so we decided to have a little fun and visualize unconventional comparisons of the two most dominant mobile marketplaces. The Big Picture Despite a significantly larger market share Google Play lags in generating revenue for developers. Apple App Store Market Share 18.2% $5.1 Million Daily Revenue Google Play Market Share 74.4% $1.1 Million Daily Revenue Category by Category Android's open and customizable platform has triggered a sixeable category of personalizations apps. Games & Entertainment 26% Education 11% Books & Reference 10% Games & Entertainment 14% Personalization 12% Books & Reference 8% Top Publishers When it comes to the top publishers for each platform, there's little correlation between the number of apps published and the number of downloads generated (ordered by number of downloads). 1 Apple 7 Apps Google 60 Apps 2 Gameloft 266 Apps Facebook 2 Apps 3 Google 23 Apps Rovio 13 Apps 4 Disney 144 Apps Go Dev Team 135 Apps 5 EA 126 Apps Adobe 31 Apps Country by Country Although both stores are seeing increases in revenue, the app store continues to outpace Google Play outside the U.S. Top 5 Countries: Growth in Revenue 2012 Sweden +64% iPhone Denmark +111% iPad UK +40% France +46% Finland +111% iPad China +118% iPhone +110% iPad Russia +143 % iPad +96% iPhone +37% Korea +94% Taiwan +74% iPhone Japan +138% iPhone +112% iPad +60% App Discovery Google Play's superior search function makes it easier to find apps - even with a keyword misspelled. Resteraunt 1 10,523 Hotwls 0 15,630 Fasion 4,537 11,127 Camara 862 20,574 Newz 9 19,316 Price Point Distribution Google Play's pricing model allows for a larger number of price points (from top 100 apps as of 7/9/2013). 29 Different Price Points 7 Different Price Points Most Expensive Apps Few apps approach the max price point set by each marketplace (and even if you pay $999 for VIP black iOS, you can't activate the service until you verify that you ahve "assets and/or income in excess of 1 million pounds.") A $999.99 price cap is imposed by Apple $999 VIP Black $799 Alpha Trader $799 Preebs $499 Mighty Brace Pro $399 Tap Menu A $200 price cap is imposed by Google $200 Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus $200 Most Expensive Play App $200 Got Cash? $199 MBE Preparation $159 Nursing Central Newcomers and Revenue The percentage of revenue generated by new Android apps suggests Google Play may soon close the revenue gap with the app store. Proportion of Revenue: New apps of the top 300 U.S. apps Proportion of Revenue: New publishers of the top 250 U.S. publishers Risky Business Although all iOS apps sometimes send unencrypted data, 84% of users consider iOS to be more secure than Android. Sends/receives data without encryption 100% 92% Ad Network and/or Analytics 60% 50% Location Tracking 60% 42% Single Sign-On Addresses 54% 52% Contact and Addresses 54% 20% Calendar 14% 0%