5 Reasons Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

5 Reasons Why Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

1 Their Boss is a Jerk

Employees leave their job because of their bosses, more than any other reason. No one wants to work with a nasty, miserable, or agressive boss. Let's face it, there are a lot of them out there and no one wants to work for one.

31% of Respondents reported that their supervisor gave them the "silent treatment" in the past year.

2 Lack of Empowerment

People don't want to punch a time card and put their heads down and their butts up each day. People want to influence decisions, make choices, solve problems and make a greater impact.

In their perfect job, 31% of respondents would want more responsibility at work.

3 Internal Politics

In the war for talent, people don't want to navigate the complex office politics unless they see value or a path to the top. Putting out a qualified resume can often be a faster way to climb the corporate ladder.

Only 35% of respondents reported that their companies were good or effective at managing advancement.

4 Recognition

Everyone believes they work too damn hard and don't get paid enough. But a "job well done," a free lunch, or a simple pat on the back will go a long way to keep people engaged and motivated.

43% of middle managers said they feel as if they are doing all the work, but not getting credit for it.

5 The Company Is Going Under

Nobody wants to be the last on off a sinking ship! Employees can feel the strain and hear the panic of leaders in a low performing company. When one person "jumps ship," others will quickly follow. Only those who are vested in some monetary way seem to stick around to the bitter end.

23% of respondents said they are currently looking for a job elsewhere

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5 Reasons Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

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Top talent leave their jobs all the time. Here's an infographic showing the top 5 reasons why ... maybe it will help you retain yours!
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