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Welcome to the Internet of QSR Things

AN INFOGRAPHIC Welcome to the Internet of QSR Things QSR FOOTFALL IS DECLINING Annual visits for consumers aged 25-49 have dropped by 44 per person over the last three years. To convince customers to come back in-store you have to get connected... 70/- PREFER RESTAURANTS WITH WA $15 1/4 SAY TECH IMPACTS DECISION TO VISIT A RESTAURANT OF MILLENNIALS EXPECT TO PAY VIA MOBILE VIEW MENUS ON THEIR PHONES AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH YOUR CUSTOMERS THE PERSONALIZATION OPPORTUNITY THEIR SMARTPHONES MORE LIKELY TO USE 36% ESTAIRANT TELI THAN 2 YEARS AGO Best Pizza SIZE Check out the range SAY TECH MAKES M5/ NIERATIONS NORE FUN Stores near you CRUST Free! SAY RESTAURANT Special Spotlight 79/ EN INCKAES TOPPINGS BUY CONVENIENCE WHO RESEARCH ONLINE TAKE ACTION THE SAME DAY (55% WITHIN AN HOUR) OK HAVE 1 OR 2 QSR / GO! FC APPS INSTALLED PREMIUM AUSER ONLY AND THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT: SPECIALO OFFER 70/% REAL-TIME DEALS & DISCOUNTS OO SPECIAL DEALS& PROMO CODES THINK TECH OFFERS FASTER SERVICE, BETTER ACCURACY LOYALTY PROGRAMS IN-APP ORDERING MOBILE APP USERS ORDER MORE OFTEN THAN WEB USERS 35/% FIND RESTAURANTS MORE ORDERS RESEARCH READ REVIEWS RECEIVE OFFERS BOOK TABLES PAY THEY RE ALSO USING PHONES FOR THESE THINGS CUSTOMERS SERVED ADS NEAR A COMPETITOR 18- 3X LESS LIKELY TO VISIT THE COMPETITION MORE LIKELY TO VISIT THE ADVERTISER INCREASE IN DESSERT ORDÈNS ON MABLETS DIGITAL SIGNAGE = 5-8% 20% REVENUE INCREASE SUBMIT IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT PHONES AS TECH BECOMES MORE ADVANCED, WE CAN START TO PERSONALISE EXPERIENCES IN REALLY COOL WAYS. VMob CTO David Inggs recently demonstrated the personalization capability of connected cameras; using facial recognition to demographically profile customers as they approach the counter and using that profile to display products they're most likely to buy. The upshot is cus- tomers see relevant products and are more likely to take up the offer. It's pretty awesome. FOR MORE AWESOMENESS CHECK OUT THE PRIMER VMOD ig experience in As Mordh ertors your restarher phone d abcon by he eo The beacon e noton Mened's phone-spuhssges oee st THE RISE OF PROXIMITY TECH brands khow where you are LITERALLY hhe'sjust waked ough the door and she's innoedinhe new dessert Ae ae e Voo has aoegned oredins Meanecae emisonang behavor re doing ADte loOSRT buldouA Thue en ooing on wat menoongo nd pomotingoon Da o o show dwel indicatinga pternce deen eornd ndtomuio edo So when Menede se dona leidees herphone Pe soam ascod on her o or y A PRIMER Welcome to the Internet of QSR Things echnology in Gs and oer estaurarshoughn poring bacos Contining beacon co and Poti da bancanuncov s of he day or oek then target offons accordiingy and see how our companed oa control grou could become oovious a non CaVervey ound THE INTERNET OF QSR THIN THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. 20 cles/tabid/635/articleType/ArticleView/articleld/1532/Niewpoint-on-Food-and-Restaurant.aspx#sthash.OPCEADIN.he8fjMfK.dpbs VIQTeysp02Y Aligned.pdf?t=1443210374011 VMob

Welcome to the Internet of QSR Things

shared by plexure on Feb 20
There’s such a wide range of technologies available at various stages of maturity that an IoT play can seem hard to implement, particularly in a fast turnover environment like a QSR chain. However, ...


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