Southern Right Whale

Giants of the southern seas

The southern right whale (eubalaena australis) is a baleen whale species part of the balaenidae family in the southern hemisphere.

lifespan length

60 years male 14m

female 16m


30 km / h

weight (=40 elephants)

adult 40 tn

at birth 2.5 tn

lowering depth

300 m

the hunting of these animals made them an endangered species. Since the nineteenth century, the original population was reduced by 90%. there are currently about 8000.

they produce offspring every three years on average which undermines their protection and only accounts for 3000 individuals, of which 20% have been recorded in Argentina jurisdiction.

How they breathe

Like all mammals, whales have lungs. It's theorized they were originally land animals that evolved and adapted to water.


Renewal of air to the lungs with each breath.

90% whale 10% human


expels a water stream 5m high in a "v" shape.

the life cycle

they breed in winter in warm waters. In summer, they feed in cold waters. they have a calf every three years.

Conception childbirth (one year)

winter summer

warm cold

waters waters


jump could be for dislodging parasites.


projection caudal fin probably a form of communication.

uprising headlong

this occurs when the whales are curious.

Live parasitic crustaceans called whale lice produce the white colored patches.


eye, ear and eyebrow

no dorsal fin


the color is usually black or dark brown

plump body and mottled


instead of teeth they have barbs used for filtering food from water.

2,6 m

the upper end is attached to the jaw.

the bottom is fringed to sift food.

during the feeding period weight increases up to 40%. the stored fat allows them to survive the winters.

scapula humerus ulna carpus radio pastern phalanges

jaw top (no teeth) skull the skeleton

lower jaw scapula thoracic limb

ventral spots are white, irregular and unrepeatable.

caudal fin: smooth edges, fine tips and a deep central notch.

5 m

comparison with man

the giants of the sea

6 m

franca pygmy

14 m


16 m

southern right whale


32 m

pectoral fin

its bone structure is very similar to other mammals, yet adapted for water.

where to see them

in argentina:

golfo san jose

golfo san matias

puerto plramides

puerto madryn

mar argentino

where they live

supposed to live among parallels 20 and 60.

pacific 20 atlantic indian

60 argentina south africa australia tasmania NZ


large banks of krill are their main food source. a whale can eat over 300 kilos per hour. food is usually found between the surface and 50 meters deep.

6 cm

how they feed

1 they swim slowly and with their mouth open.

2 food enters with water.

3 the water is ejected through beards where the food is trapped

predation and its slow recovery



in this period they were hunted to near extinction.


1800 1995

in the peninsula valdes

the population doubles

every ten years. each

season grows 7%.

1985 250

1995 500

2005 1,000

Southern Right Whale

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Description of this wonderful animal that is in danger of extinction. Description of this wonderful animal that is in danger of extinction. Food serious, dwelling place, measures.
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